Jeremy Irons Attends ‘Skyfall’ Screening in Budapest

A Great Evening with Skyfall

The British Embassy Budapest organised an exclusive film screening of the most recent James Bond movie in Cinema City Arena on 26 October.

The British Embassy welcomed Hungarian politicians, business leaders, ambassadors as well as representatives of Ministries, British companies and like-minded Embassies at the event.

British actor Jeremy Irons, Hungarian Minister for National Development Zsuzsa Németh and olympic silver and bronze medalist swimmer László Cseh also came along to watch Skyfall on the day of the world premiere.

Before the screening British Ambassador Jonathan Knott delivered a short welcome speech in which he highlighted the areas of British excellence and emphasised the great British charasteristics of James Bond.

Jeremy Irons for Amnesty’s Write for Rights Campaign


Jeremy Irons leads the call for Amnesty’s Write for Rights Campaign

Posted: 01 November 2012

Jeremy Irons today (1 Nov) urged people throughout the UK to send a message of solidarity and hope to men, women and children around the world whose rights have been denied as he helped to launch Amnesty International’s Write for Rights Campaign.

Write for Rights – which runs from 1 November to 31 December – successfully connects men and women, young and old in the UK with people elsewhere who have been wrongly imprisoned, at risk of harassment and intimidation for carrying out human rights work, and to family members seeking justice for their loved ones.  It also enables supporters to call upon the authorities for a protection of their basic rights.

Jeremy Irons has taken action on behalf of Hakamada Iwao, a 76-year-old Japanese man who has been on death row for the past 44 years – the approximate length of Irons’s acting career. Amnesty considers Hakamada to have received an unfair trial and recent new forensic test results disclosed by Hakamada’s defence team found no match between Hakamada’s DNA and samples taken from clothing he is alleged by the prosecution to have worn at the time of the crime. Hakamada’s lawyers believe the results may strengthen his appeal. Amnesty is urging the Japanese government to stop the execution of Hakamada.

Jeremy Irons said:

“The basic freedoms afforded to me which have enabled me to have a successful career have been bitterly denied to thousands of others around the world. People like Hakamada Iwao who’s spent 44 years of his life on death row after an unfair trial.  That is a cruel injustice.  Hakamada has had no idea if each new day will be his last before he is dragged from his cell and hanged.

“We can, and must, use our rights to call for the enjoyment of basic rights of others around the world.  Just five minutes is all it takes to stand up for someone around the world who so desperately needs to know that others care. Please take five minutes to be part of Amnesty’s Write for Rights Campaign.”

Fifteen cases are highlighted in this year’s Write for Rights Campaign.  They include residents of Kenya’s Deep Sea settlement, a slum situated in Nairobi, who are at risk of being forcibly evicted from their homes, Young Women for Change – a grassroots feminist movement in Afghanistan and Azza Hilal Ahmad Suleiman – a 49-year-old woman who is fighting for justice after Egyptian soldiers attacked her while she attended a large protest near Tahrir Square in December 2011.  Picking up a pen and paper is just one way in which supporters can take part in Write for Rights this year.  Other actions include leaving a comment on a blog post for Syrian activist, Anas al-Shogre who was arrested in May 2011 and has been held incommunicado ever since, and also taking a photo action in solidarity with the imprisoned Pussy Riot duo.

Amnesty International UK Director Kate Allen said:

“Write for Rights is such an important and effective campaign for Amnesty.  Not only does it remind the recipients of the cards that thousands of people are aware of their plight and are standing in solidarity with them, it also sends a worrying signal to the authorities who see the number of messages being delivered to these men and women at risk that the world is standing up with them, and for them.
“Daily thousands of human rights defenders and ordinary men, women and children are put in situations where no one should be – without their freedoms, and without their rights. It is important that those of us who are able to exercise our rights come together to ensure others can enjoy their rights as well.”

For more information visit

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Jeremy Irons Narrates Sahaya International Documentary

This Sahaya International documentary about the AIDS epidemic in rural India is narrated by Jeremy Irons and features music by Enya. Enjoy and please spread the word about Sahaya International. They are changing lives!

Jeremy Irons Meets Hungarian Prime Minister

Jeremy Irons appeared on Saturday 27 October 2012, in the Hungarian Parliament, where Prime Miniser Viktor Orban presented a high state award to conductor Gyorgy Solti’s widow, Lady Valerie Solti. She received the Median Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit with Star for maintaining the world famous conductor’s intellectual legacy, as well as for supporting Hungarian talent and culture. Lady Valerie Solti was in Budapest on a four-day visit, following an invitation from Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Jeremy Irons and the Prime Minister spoke at the ceremony.

Some photos courtesy of

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Jeremy Irons talks ‘Trashed’ in AARP The Magazine

Jeremy Irons is featured on page 12 of the October/November 2012 issue of AARP The Magazine, talking about the documentary Trashed.

Read the entire current edition of this month’s AARP The Magazine – HERE.  Jeremy’s article is in the October/November 2012 edition with Tim Allen on the cover.

Tim Allen on the cover of AARP The Magazine

Jeremy Irons at Vidal Sassoon Memorial Service

Scroll down for gallery –

Jeremy Irons was among the stars who turned out to remember the life of legendary hair stylist Vidal Sassoon in London on Friday 12 October 2012. The veteran hair designer passed away at his home in Los Angeles home in May of 2012 at the age of 84, following a battle with leukaemia. A memorial was held at St Paul’s Cathedral in London and Sassoon’s famous friends and clients flocked to pay tribute to him at the ceremony.


Before his reading of “To An Athlete Dying Young” by A. E. Houseman, Jeremy Irons recalled how he met Sassoon quite late in life. Sassoon was ill when he and his wife Ronnie had arrived to stay with him at his ‘tower’ in Cork. Ronnie had told him that Vidal would be better off sleeping downstairs. “Shall I bring you down a cup of tea?” Irons had asked them, to which Sassoon responded by bounding up the stairs, “This is marvellous! Can I sleep at the top?”

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New ‘Beautiful Creatures’ Featurette and Screencaps

The featurette is also viewable HERE, for those outside of the USA.

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Jeremy Irons Believes in Marriage – New interview from


Translated from Hungarian:

Jeremy Irons, there is no better system

Jeremy Irons has spent a long time shooting in Hungary. The Academy Award and Golden Globe winning British actor has been happily married for decades. His wife is actress Sinéad Cusack, they have two sons.

Marriage provides a framework to raise children. There are countries where it is useful to be married due to the tax system, in other cultures it signals that “off with your hands”! Personally, I believe it is still the best institution to raise a child. If I had fallen in love with someone, with whom we hadn’t wanted children, I would not have been interested in this bond, but if your intents are serious, then marriage is the only way. There are storms in all marriages, but the kids need two parents, even if you argue sometimes – says Jeremy Irons, who believes in marriage.

Not that marriage is a walk in the park, but it is important in raising children. My kids have already flew out, but every parent knows that kids do not ever really fly out. They need maternal-paternal care even when they are over thirty. And deep down it is important for them to know mum and dad are fine.

Source: STOP / Naturopathic News | STOP

Jeremy Irons in Transylvania

Jeremy Irons was recently in Transylvania. An art group from Tatabanya (Hungarian city), whose photographers met him in Transylvania, captured him enjoying some local cuisine and beverage.

Jeremy Irons Narrates ‘The British’ on SKY Atlantic

Jeremy Irons is one of the many celebrity narrators on the SKY Atlantic series The British, airing in the autumn of 2012.

From the SKY website:

Combining gripping drama, spectacular CGI and compelling commentary, The British is an ambitious and unmissable new series which tells the history of Britain and Ireland from the Roman invasion to the birth of TV and the Coronation of Elizabeth II in 1953.

Spanning two thousand years, the series uncovers the surprising stories of the unsung heroes as well as the well-known icons of history. Some of the UK’s most recognizable names from the worlds of entertainment, politics, sport, science and history – including Jeremy Irons, Dame Helen Mirren, Sir Terry Wogan, Jessie J, Russell Brand, Colin Jackson, Frank Lampard, Lord Robert Winston and Prof. Jeremy Black – share their unique insights on how thousands of years of British history have shaped the people and nation we are today.

Essex-born actor, comedian and writer Russell Brand said: “It’s nice to be able to reach back into the past and feel that you have an identity that’s built on an oceanic, rolling history” while Oscar® winning actress Dame Helen Mirren said of her national identity: “If you wanted to teach someone who knew absolutely nothing about the British people, it would be very good to guide them to Shakespeare – you could see the foolishness, the humour, the brutality; it’s all in almost every play.”

Sky is also running an educational initiative to support the series. Aiming to give pupils an enthralling insight into 2,000 years of the history of Great Britain, the initiative will target pupils from ages 7 – 14 with an educational plan tailored to the series.

As part of this campaign, Sky has produced free, flexible teaching and learning resources for ages 7-11 and 11-14, which will be specifically tailored towards each episode of the seven-part series. Click here to find out more about the educational resources for The British.

Explore episode 1 – Treasure Islands (54BC – AD500)

Explore episode 2 – People Power (1066 – 1415)

Explore episode 3 – Revolution (1541 – 1641)

Explore episode 4 – Dirty Money (1666 – 1820)

Explore episode 5 – Superpower (1770 – 1851)

Explore episode 6 – Tale of Two Cities (1851 – 1891)

Explore episode 7 – War and Peace (1891 – 1953)