Jeremy Irons Brings Francis Bacon’s Words to Life

As Francis Bacon said, “Everything I do goes into painting.” In this short video, Academy Award-winning actor Jeremy Irons brings to life excerpts from the artist’s interviews with David Sylvester and reveals Bacon’s own thoughts..


Jeremy Irons on NPR’s Here & Now

Jeremy Irons and Dev Patel were interviewed on NPR’s Here & Now program on Friday 29 April 2016.  Irons and Patel talked to Here & Now’s Jeremy Hobson about the experience of working together on their new film, The Man Who Knew Infinity.

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Jeremy Irons – Wall Street Journal Cafe Interview

Jeremy Irons, Dev Patel and Matthew Brown were guests of the Wall Street Journal Cafe on Thursday 28 April 2016, and interviewed by Chris Farley.






Jeremy Irons on the TODAY Show – April 28, 2016

Jeremy Irons was a guest in the third hour of NBC’s TODAY Show, on Thursday April 28, 2016, to discuss The Man Who Knew Infinity.

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Jeremy Irons at the NY Premiere of The Man Who Knew Infinity

Jeremy Irons and the director and cast of The Man Who Knew Infinity attended the New York premiere of the film, at the Bow Tie Chelsea Cinemas on Wednesday 27 April 2016.


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Photo by Zev Starr-Tambor



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Jeremy Irons on The Leonard Lopate Show – April 27, 2016

Jeremy Irons and director Matt Brown were guests of The Leonard Lopate radio show on WNYC, on Wednesday 27 April 2016, to discuss The Man Who Knew Infinity.

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The Leonard Lopate Show – website

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Gary File Travels from New Zealand to Meet Jeremy Irons

Man travels 11,500 miles to Bristol to meet Oscar-winning actor – Bristol Post

New Zealand drama teacher Gary File traveled approximately 11,500 miles from New Zealand to see Jeremy Irons in Long Day’s Journey into Night at the Bristol Old Vic.

Unbeknownst to Gary, his son Kieran File had contacted the Bristol Old Vic, resulting in Gary getting to meet Jeremy.

Listen to Gary File speak with BBC Radio Bristol’s Laura Rawlings about his experience:

20160420 - Jeremy Irons Old Vic

Photo by


Photo by Jon Craig


Jeremy Irons Supports Community R4C Recycling Project

Jeremy Irons has lent his support to a new environmental initiative to build a recycling plant in Gloucestershire:  Trash to Treasure

Jeremy is backing the new Trash to Treasure initiative which has been set up by Community R4C.

The new green venture’s aims are to promote waste-reduction and work toward a sustainable circular economy.

Its first priority will be to back an ambitious project to build a waste recycling plant as an alternative to controversial plans for waste incineration in the area.

Mr Irons said: “When I presented Trashed in Stroud last May, it was clear that campaigners against the proposed incinerator were exhausted by years of a struggle where democracy had failed, concern for the environment had been dismissed and the will of the people consistently ignored.

“When I urged them to “re-gird their loins and do something”, I aimed to encourage continued resistance.

“I’m delighted to discover that the community has actually gone several steps further and created a credible, healthier alternative solution that poses a genuine threat to the toxic monster they’ve been fighting.

“This project demonstrates clearly that where the system fails, the people can step up and do better.

“Waste is all of our responsibility, and it’s high time we started taking that responsibility.

“This community has, and will be healthier for it in more ways than one. It’s a precedent that needs setting – and following.”

All funds raised through the share scheme will support community environmental projects.

The first of these will be the recycling centre, which CR4C say will be far cheaper, greener, smaller and better for the community than the Javelin Park incinerator.

The plant will use advanced MBHT (mechanical, biological and heat treatment) technology, which experts claim can put more than 90 per cent of the county’s waste to valuable use instead of burning it. Local residents can now pre-register for shares in Community R4C.

People can register their interest with a pledge of as little as £100.

Community R4C board director, Sue Oppenheimer said: “By investing in this community-led initiative, we can all directly help our local environment.

Details of the event can be found at

Anyone interested in the share launch can find out more on Crowdfunder, on or by emailing

Jeremy Irons in Zeit Magazin

Jeremy Irons is featured in the April 2016 issue of Zeit Magazin with a photo by Axel Hoedt.

Axel Hoedt’s Website

Jeremy Irons: “The burning obsession” has disappeared

The actor Jeremy Irons, 67, says of his profession that he is not as obsessed as before: “There was a time, when acting for me was like an addiction,” Irons explained in Zeit magazine. “I always wanted bigger roles, to outdo myself, like an addict who needs a higher dose.” Meanwhile, he has overcome this situation: “The burning obsession to have to stand on the stage or in front of the camera to get better and to play more important roles, has disappeared,” said Irons. “Today it makes me happy to work less. The older you get, the more one becomes aware of the shrinking time that remains for one.”

For several years he has wanted to pursue a new dream: “I have an old gypsy caravan and two horses can pull it,” said Irons. “My dream is to ship these horses and the carriage to Spain and to drive it for a month or two through the north of the country to traverse amazing landscapes, to meet people, to accompany them for a piece of their path, to wonderful places to rest and to look after the horses. A splendid idea! “

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 8.13.55 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 8.04.07 PMzeitmagazinapril2016


Photo via Sally Fischer Public Relations

Jeremy Irons in ICON Panorama Magazine

Jeremy Irons is featured in ICON Panorama magazine from Italy, issue #26, with photos by Mark Seliger.  The issue became available on newsstands on 7 April 2016.

Scroll down for the high resolution scans from the magazine, including the complete article text in both Italian and English.

Mark Seliger’s Website



Below are scans from the magazine.  Some of the photo sizes are HUGE and may take a long time to load. (Control the size of your displayed image with Control+/- or Command+/-)  Click on the photos below for the high-resolution images:












During the photoshoot for ICON, in September 2015 in New York City, Mark Seliger also photographed Jeremy for his Stairwell Series. #seligerstairwell


Behind the scenes photos from Jeremy’s photoshoot with Mark Seliger: