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Contact information for Jeremy Irons:

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Updated March 2021


Fred Specktor, CAA (US)
2000 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles, CA 90067-4700
Tel.  +1 (424) 288-2000


Public Relations & Media Contact (USA):

Sally Fischer Public Relations
3 Columbus Circle
15th Floor
New York,  NY 10019
Tel.  +1 (212) 246-2977


UK Mail and Contact (including Fan Mail and Charities):

Katy Riddell
12 High Street
Watlington, Oxfordshire
OX49 5PY
Tel + 44 770 999 1623


(Updated March 2021)

Due to the massive increase in autograph requests, Mr. Irons’s policy is to ask for a donation of $25 (£15) per signature.  THIS IS MANDATORY!

This donation will go to The Prison Phoenix Trust (UK Charity reg. 327907), a charity based in Oxford, England of which Mr. Irons is a patron.

For more information on the Prison Phoenix Trust, click HERE.

This charity brings yoga and meditation into prisons, to help the inmates turn their cell into an ashram.

Mr. Irons will be delighted to give his signature in return for support of this charity. Please donate at The Prison Phoenix Trust website and include your receipt, with your autograph request.

Please DO NOT send a personal cheque from any country outside of the UK. The Prison Phoenix Trust cannot accept foreign personal cheques, due to bank fees.

Please DO NOT put postage from any country outside of the UK on an enclosed return envelope. For example, Forever stamps from the USA are not valid for mail sent from the UK to the USA.

When including a self-addressed stamped envelope, for the return of your autographed item, please – if possible – visit the Royal Mail website to pre-purchase, print and affix the proper UK Royal Mail postage, for return of the item to your home address.

Again – a donation is required, with all autograph requests.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Send your request to:

Jeremy Irons
c/o Katy Riddell
12 High Street
Watlington, Oxfordshire
OX49 5PY