Jeremy Irons Supports the Village AIDS Memorial

Jeremy Irons has recorded a video, in support of the Village AIDS Memorial in New York City.

Jeremy reads the name Oren M. Griffin (1957-1996)

Jeremy made history when he was the first to publicly wear the red AIDS ribbon, as the host of the 1991 Tony Awards.

The Village AIDS Memorial is the first AIDS Memorial in New York City, and the only one in a church anywhere in the world. This historical and miraculous artifact is under threat. Visit their website to learn more:

The #SayTheirNames Campaign brings together 580 volunteers who each say one of the 580 names inscribed on this memorial. There is POWER in saying the names of victims! We are creating a #livingmemorial ❣ —

Jeremy Irons at The Supper Club for the Terrence Higgins Trust

Jeremy Irons was at The Caramel Room at The Berkeley for The Supper Club event, on 4 November 2015, in support of the Terrence Higgins Trust.

The Terrence Higgins Trust is a British charity that campaigns on various issues related to AIDS and HIV. In particular, the charity aims to reduce the spread of HIV and promote good sexual health; to provide services on a national and local level to people with, affected by, or at risk of contracting HIV; and to campaign for greater public understanding of the impact of HIV and AIDS.

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Every year 50 of London’s top restaurants and caterers come together to support our annual foodie event, The Supper Club. This event, now in its 15th year, has gone from strength to strength and has fantastic industry support.

It’s an evening of 50 fabulous dinner parties – in 2015 taking place on 4 November – with a glamorous party following dinner. Hosts and their guests have a wide range of exquisite culinary delights to choose from, with restaurant industry leaders and institutions on the foodie scene such as Caramel Room at The Berkeley, Gauthier Soho, Polpo and Ottolenghi supporting the event.

At the end of their meals guests are whisked off in a fleet of taxis to a fabulous after-party at The Drury Club where they are treated to fantastic cocktails, the excitement of a silent auction and a performance by our amazing special guest Sarah Harding!

Jeremy Irons Narrates Sahaya International Documentary

This Sahaya International documentary about the AIDS epidemic in rural India is narrated by Jeremy Irons and features music by Enya. Enjoy and please spread the word about Sahaya International. They are changing lives!

Jeremy Irons and Blenheim Films

Jeremy Irons is currently working with Blenheim Films on a documentary about the world’s trash and pollution.  He has worked with Blenheim Films previously.

Blenheim films is an independent production company based in Oxfordshire, England, created in 1998 by Candida Brady and Titus Ogilvy.


Jeremy Irons was in Iceland in April 2011 with a crew from Blenheim Films.


Jeremy Irons is to be in San Francisco Thursday and Friday, April 14 & 15, 2011, with a British film crew making a worldwide documentary about recycling, for the BBC. San Francisco was chosen, said Robert Reed of Recology, because it has become known internationally for recycling, and, in particular, a compost program that collects food scraps at restaurants and compostables from all properties, then creates compost for 200 vineyards.

Since this program began, it has created enough benefit to offset all emissions from traffic crossing the Bay Bridge for more than two years. “We make the really premier compost in America,” Reed said. “The vineyards can’t get enough of it.”

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Jeremy Irons in South Africa

Jeremy Irons is in South Africa

Jeremy Irons arrived in Cape Town, South Africa on the same British Airways flight as rugby star Chris Jack.

Jeremy’s time in South Africa was spent in conjunction with events sponsored by the Academy of Achievement and their 2009 International Achievement Summit.

More details can be found at the following blog:

Here’s the relevant excerpt:

“…The event, which was at a orphanage for AIDS orphans in Khayalicha, was a summit of the Academy of Achievement (or something) which as far as I can tell is an organization for rich graduate and doctoral students interested in social change. What was nuts is the incredible number of celebrities there. Among those we met or at least stood close to: Vince Gill, Amy Grant, Nadine Gordimer (Nobel Laureate, author of July’s Children), Chris Matthews, Sam Donaldson, Jeremy Irons, Barbara Holden (Minister in the government and extremely important figure from the Anti-Apartheid, released from jail at the same time as Mandela)….”

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