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Max Irons for the MANGO Autumn/Winter 09 Collection

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Georgia O’Keeffe trailer


Jeremy Irons in The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes on DVD

The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes: Set 1



Jeremy’s episode is The Case of the Mirror of Portugal

Sherlock Holmes wasn’t the only fictional detective in Victorian London. Inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, writers of the time created a colorful cast of investigators, amateur and professional: Dr. Thorndyke, Max Carrados, “Carnacki,” Lady Molly, and more. This classic British series features some of Britain’s top character actors including Peter Vaughan (The Remains of the Day), John Neville (The X-Files), Donald Pleasence, and Jeremy Irons in his first screen appearance. SDH subtitles; 13 episodes; approx. 654 min. on 4 DVDs.

Check out the Acorn Online buy a copy of the DVD set for $59.99.

Disc 1
Episode 1: A Message from the Deep Sea
When a young woman is stabbed to death in a boarding house of questionable repute, the police quickly settle on their chief suspect. A skeptical Dr. Thorndyke prefers to look deeper, privileging facts over surface motives.

Episode 2: The Missing Witness Sensation
After amateur detective Max Carrados ruins the alibi of an Irish militant accused of murder, the man’s colleagues plot their revenge. To save his life, a trapped Carrados must find a way to get a message to the outside world—one that even a blind man could understand.

Episode 3: The Affair of the Avalanche Bicycle & Tyre Co. Ltd.
Private detective Horace Dorrington sees no conflict in helping himself while helping his clients. A promising new bicycle company presents him with an opportunity to cash in on his insider knowledge. But it’s a dirty business, so Dorrington takes steps to ensure he’s not taken for a ride.

Episode 4: The Duchess of Wiltshire’s Diamonds
Does professional jealousy explain police antagonism towards Simon Carne, a celebrated and successful private detective known as “Klimo”? Or is it something more? And even though Klimo solves case after case for his clients, why are none of the perpetrators ever caught?

Disc 2
Episode 5: The Horse of the Invisible
A ghost-detective named Carnacki investigates the haunting of a country house that threatens the wedding of the homeowner’s daughter and her fiancé. Carnacki suspects supernatural forces are not at work in this case, but even a ghost buster can get it wrong.

Episode 6: The Case of the Mirror of Portugal
When a priceless gem comes within his grasp, detective Horace Dorrington cuts more than a few corners to get his hands on it. But he battles a surprisingly worthy adversary from an unexpected quarter, one as ruthless and determined as himself.

Episode 7: Madame Sara
While investigating death threats against two sisters, Dixon Druce falls under the charms of their friend, the mysterious Madame Sara. Druce tries to track down the sisters’ estranged half-brother, who stands to inherit a fortune upon their deaths. The smitten detective also starts to uncover the secrets of their alluring friend.

Disc 3
Episode 8: The Case of the Dixon Torpedo
Petty crime and international espionage intertwine when the Russian embassy hires Jonathan Pryde to do one job and his own government hires him for another. The private investigator discovers that the two cases—a money-counterfeiting operation and stealing plans for a Royal Navy torpedo—are linked.

Episode 9: The Woman in the Big Hat
When a customer slumps over dead in a tea shop, Lady Molly of the Yard searches for the mystery woman who had been seated at his table. However, she runs into resistance from the dead man’s family, who show little interest in solving the crime.

Episode 10: The Affair of the Tortoise
To solve the murder of a rich but ill-mannered government official from Haiti, PI Martin Hewitt has several pieces of evidence to consider— a dead tortoise, a voodoo doll, a blood-stained axe, and a note from “an avenger.” The one thing he doesn’t have is a body.

Disc 4
Episode 11: The Assyrian Rejuvenator
Inflated claims about the powers of an expensive elixir put private investigator Romney Pringle in pursuit of a ruthless con man. The trickster has reason to believe that his customers won’t complain, but Pringle sets out to destroy the crooked business.

Episode 12: The Ripening Rubies
An ex-con makes a rookie mistake—trying to sell a stolen ruby necklace back to the craftsman who made it. The jeweler, Bernard Sutton, soon discovers that a string of high-society women are losing their expensive adornments. Shunning the heavy-handed approach of the police, he sets his own trap to catch the thief.

Episode 13: The Case of Laker, Absconded
A junior bank clerk elopes with a fortune—but without his fiancée. The police reconstruct the absconder’s route, from bank to train station to the Continent. However, Martin Hewitt believes the trail is a little too easy to follow. With the help of the jilted lover, he embarks on a search to discover what really happened to the missing man.

Jeremy Irons spotted in Epidaurus


“Jeremy Irons heading to his seat, the girls go wild,
so do the flashes…”

epidaurus jeremy irons
greece1 greece2 greece3
from Metis on

“Anyway, the performance in Epidaurus was excellent. The theatre was full (15,000 people) and the atmosphere awesome. Rebecca Hall (Peter Hall’s daughter, the brunette in ‘Vicky, Christina, Barcelona’) was outstanding; in fact everyone was very good and they looked like they were enjoying themselves, not just performing. Ethan Hawke was very entertaining as the shameless peddler and pickpocket; he played the guitar and sang a couple of songs too.

Jeremy Irons was in the audience looking sexy as usual (his wife was in the play and I think she was my favorite). He went all the way up to the top rows; probably wanted to appreciate the famous acoustics of the theatre. Kevin Spacey was there too (apparently he is the artistic director of the Old Vic Theatre in London which was part of this production).”
from Lauren O’Hara on

“EPIDAVROS, like Limassol’s Curium, is one the great ancient amphitheatres of the world and on Saturday night it was full to its 10,000 capacity for the final performance of the festival’s A Winter’s Tale.

The tragedy of wildfires raged around Athens once more, making the sunset eerily spectacular. At nightfall, the sky above the ancient site was clear and starlit as was the star-studded audience that waited for the unique Shakespeare: half tragic, half comic.

Jeremy Irons arrived looking curiously like Dumbledore to support his wife Sinead Cusack, who was playing Paulina. As he, embarrassingly, walked up the ancient steps to find his seat amont us, he looking surprisingly shy to be seen, although one couldn’t help but feel that the full length white kaftan and flowing brown robe were always going to be a giveaway. He was quickly followed by Kevin Spacey who received even louder cheers and took his seat amiably among us plebs just a few old stones away from where we sat.”

Dorian Gray release date and film festival information

Here are the current release dates for Dorian Gray, starring Max Irons:

Canada                  September 2009 (Toronto Film Festival)
UK                          9 September 2009 (London Film Festival)
Greece                 17 September 2009
Italy                     23 October 2009
Australia             12 November 2009
Finland               25 December 2009

DORIAN GRAY will also screen at the 18th Chichester International Film Festival

Closing Gala Presentation

With thanks to Momentum Pictures for this closing gala.

We are delighted to close this year’s Festival with an important new UK production.

When a strikingly beautiful but naïve young Dorian (Ben Barnes) arrives in Victorian London he is swept into a social whirlwind by the charismatic Henry Wotton (Colin Firth), who introduces Dorian to the hedonistic pleasures of the city. Henry’s friend, society artist Basil Hallward (Ben Chaplin) paints a portrait of Dorian to capture the full power of his youthful beauty and when it’s unveiled Dorian makes a flippant pledge: he would give anything to stay as he is in the picture – even his soul.

Dorian’s wild adventures continue, but soon he notices that his portrait, which is now locked away in the attic, has taken on an evil and disturbing air, while his own beautiful face goes unmarked by his deeds. Forced by his own evil actions to flee the country, Dorian returns twenty-five years later. To the surprise of his old friends, he looks exactly the same but he’s jaded, having found pleasure but never happiness and he’s haunted by the monstrous painting in the attic. His fear and paranoia grow as rumours of his past misdeeds circulate. Will Dorian get one last chance for love and redemption and more importantly, will he escape with his life?

We hope to welcome some guests involved in this production to introduce our closing gala presentation.

The Sunday Gala Presentation will be preceded by a delicious Spanish meal provided by local restaurant: EL CASTIZO.
Food at 19.00, Film at 20.30

Dorian Gray will also be screened at 11.00 on Sun 6 Sep (All Tickets £7)

UK Flag UK · 2009 · Oliver Parker · 105min
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Dorian Gray will have its world premiere at TIFF

Dorian Gray
directed by Oliver Parker
9:30 pm on 11 September 2009


12:30 pm on 13 September 2009

Dorian-Gray-ben-barnes-5287354-800-1084 DorianGrayPoster4

Tickets are $38.33 (CDN) + GST + .25 building fee + 4.25 service fee

Toronto International Film Festival ®

Toronto – The Toronto International Film Festival is pleased to announce the addition of two Gala Presentations and eight Special Presentations to the programming lineup for this year’s Festival, running September 10 to 19. Included are works from critically acclaimed filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen, Werner Herzog, Rebecca Miller, Michael Moore and Oliver Parker, and featuring on-screen performances by Drew Barrymore (in her directorial debut), Jim Broadbent, Nicolas Cage, Michael Caine, Colin Farrell, Colin Firth, Rebecca Hall, Val Kilmer, Christopher Lee, Juliette Lewis, Blake Lively, Eva Mendes, Julianne Moore, Cillian Murphy, Ellen Page, Robin Wright Penn and Keanu Reeves.

Ticket packages for the Festival are now available for purchase by cash, debit or Visa†. Purchase online at, by phone at 416-968-FILM or 1-8… (10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, closed weekends and holidays) or in person at the Festival Box Office at Nathan Phillips Square (10 a.m. to 7 p.m., seven days a week), located at 100 Queen Street West, in the white tent, west of the square.


Dorian Gray Oliver Parker, United Kingdom
World Premiere
In Victorian London, the handsome Dorian Gray (Ben Barnes) is swept into a social whirlwind by the charismatic and cunning Lord Wotton (Colin Firth). Immersed in the hedonistic pleasures of the city, Dorian vows he would give anything to keep his youth and beauty – even his soul. Based on the Oscar Wilde novel, Dorian Gray examines the destructive power of beauty, the blind pursuit of pleasure and the darkness that can result from both.


Jeremy Irons opens Ballydehob Summer Festival 2009

Jeremy Irons was on hand for the 2009 Ballydehob Summer Festival in Ireland on Sunday 9 August. He hosted the Official Opening Ceremony and attended the festival opening parade.

Ballydehob Summer Festival 2009 Opening

Ballydehob Summer Festival 2009 Opening

Ballydehob Summer Festival 2009

Ballydehob Summer Festival 2009

Jeremy Irons supports National Young Drama Festival in Romania

The papers report that enamoured with theatre and frustrated that in their town, Alexandria, southern Romania, there is not theatre house and no cinema hall, a group of local teens, aged between 16 and 19, decided four years ago to organise a festival for young theatre companies from around the country. This, they say, is the story of the Ideo Ideis National Young Drama Festival, directed by actor Marcel Iures, under the aegis of famous soprano singer Angela Gheorghiu.

The story of the young people of Alexandria in love with theatre has reached the ears of Jeremy Irons, via Gheorghiu. Irons congratulated the young people for their involvement in the creation of the Ideo Ideis National Young Drama Festival, saying he is sorry to not be able to attend the festival, and adding that they are in good hands with Angela Gheorghiu, who he calls one of the world’s best opera singers. Irons also send good luck to the young people of Alexandria.


Angela Gheorghiu and Jeremy Irons - photo from

Angela Gheorghiu and Jeremy Irons - photo from


Video of Jeremy giving his support for Ideo Ideis – National Youth Theatre Festival


Jeremy Irons recorded audio for William Blake’s World: “A New Heaven Is Begun” at the Morgan Library and Museum

Click here to listen to Jeremy Irons read “Auguries of Innocence” and “The Tyger” by William Blake

Read more about the exhibition here: from Art Knowledge News

Here’s an excerpt about Jeremy’s involvement in the exhibition:

Blake’s fame as a poet is seen in his fair copy of ballads known as The Pickering Manuscript, named after its early owner and publisher. Giving voice to Blake’s well-known poem “Auguries of Innocence,” found in the manuscript, is the actor Jeremy Irons, who has also recorded the shorter poem, “Tyger.” These can be heard on a gallery listening station and on the Morgan’s Web site.


Georgia O’Keeffe movie to premiere in Santa Fe on August 28th


Georgia O’Keeffe revisits the turbulent, 20-year relationship of O’Keeffe (Allen) and her husband, legendary photographer Alfred Stieglitz (Irons).

Joan Allen will be in attendance at the Santa Fe premiere.
Jeremy Irons is not expected to attend.

SANTA FE, NM.- Georgia O’Keeffe’s life and art continue to fascinate public imagination, as is evident with the upcoming premiere of the Sony Pictures Television original film for Lifetime, Georgia O’Keeffe, scheduled to air in September 19, 2009. Starring three-time Academy Award®, Golden Globe® and Emmy Award® nominee Joan Allen (The Contender, The Upside of Anger) and Academy Award, Golden Globe and Emmy Award winner Jeremy Irons (Reversal of Fortune, Elizabeth I), the film is directed by Academy Award nominee Bob Balaban, who produced Gosford Park, the sly poke at the British class system that so delighted movie audiences. Pulitzer Prize winner Michael Cristofer wrote the script for the film. Allen, who has twice interpreted O’Keeffe’s voice in readings of her letters, serves as one of the film’s executive producers along with Emmy nominated producer Joshua D. Maurer (Introducing Dorothy Dandridge) and Alixandre Witlin (Dodson’s Journey). Tony Mark (And Starring Poncho Villa as Himself) is a producer.

Georgia O’Keeffe revisits the turbulent, 20-year relationship of O’Keeffe (Allen) and her husband, legendary photographer Alfred Stieglitz (Irons). The film explores their complex interdependence, in which O’Keeffe struggled to accommodate Stieglitz’s powerful persona while trying to establish an independent artistic path of her own. As O’Keeffe’s fame grew, she increasingly needed new inspiration for her work and in 1929 she began spending part of the year working in New Mexico, which became her permanent home in 1949. There she began to reshape her image into the one we are so familiar with today.

While Georgia O’Keeffe will have its television premiere on Lifetime in September, the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum announced that the film will have its “live” premiere in Santa Fe, New Mexico on Friday, August 28, complete with red carpet, strobe lights, and stars! The Lensic Performing Arts Center will be the site of the premiere, and Joan Allen will be on hand to help the Museum celebrate. In addition to attending the film’s opening, Ms. Allen will attend an exclusive cocktail reception at the Museum for high-end ticketholders before the film is shown. Another reception will be held for the rest of the audience after the film.

Last but not least, this exciting evening will also feature (thanks to Sony Pictures Television’s generosity) a silent auction of props and other memorabilia from the movie. The auction will be opened first to ticketholders attending the early reception with Ms. Allen. Among the items available will be ones autographed by the film’s two stars, such as a canvas slip-back from one of the chairs on the movie set and two copies of the film’s script. Other items, all used in the film, will include photographs that were taken of Allen in character as O’Keeffe in the style of Stieglitz; reproductions of O’Keeffe artwork (most of them silkscreened with touches of paint or charcoal to give a realistic feel), a lasso and walking stick, and an animal skull representing the ones that O’Keeffe habitually picked up on the mesa and then painted.

The premiere of Georgia O’Keeffe and the auction of memorabilia from the film promises to lend a welcome touch of glamour to the last dregs of summer, a time when Santa Fe usually finds itself winding down.