Jeremy Irons supports numerous charities and causes:

Jeremy Irons is a patron of the Prison Phoenix Trust.
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Prison Phoenix Trust Video with Jeremy Irons from Erik Lauer on Vimeo.


Jeremy Irons at HMP Grendon in 2013 at the 25th Anniversary Celebration for the PPT – Photo ©Prison Phoenix Trust


Jeremy Irons is a patron of Action for Sick Children
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Jeremy Irons is a patron of  Sli Eile

Jeremy Irons, with Joan Hamilton, Tenants & Staff on the stairs at Charleville Park Hotel. August 2011 – introduction to Another Way Home

Jeremy Irons, with Joan Hamilton, Tenants & Staff on the stairs at Charleville Park Hotel. August 2011 – introduction to Another Way Home


Jeremy supports Amnesty International’s Protect the Human Campaign.


Photo ©Amnesty International


Jeremy has donated the shoes he wore in The French Lieutanant’s Woman and Moonlighting to the 2009 Ron White Shoe Drive for the Homeless.


Ron White partners with celebs and local charities for 13th Annual Shoe Drive for the Homeless

RON WHITE, Canada’s leading footwear retailer, announced today that it will be partnering with Academy Award winner Jeremy Irons, actor/producer/director Paul Gross, singer Suzie McNeil, Olympic Gold Medalist and Canadian flag bearer Adam van Koeverden, Broadway sensation Louise Pitre, media personalities Billie (The Breakfast Show with Mad Dog and Billie), Dina Pugliese (Breakfast Television), Glen Dixon (Take This House and Sell It), and fashion designer David Dixon, for its 13th Annual Shoe Drive for the Homeless.


The month-long event will kick off this Thursday, January 8 at RON WHITE’s flagship Manulife location and will run through Sunday, February 15 at all six RON WHITE store locations. Each celebrity donor will have autographed and donated their gently worn shoes to RON WHITE.

RON WHITE’S Shoe Drive for the Homeless is the largest of its kind in Canada and has collected and distributed more than 16,000 pairs of shoes and boots for the needy in the GTA, with the help of many big-hearted celebrities. This year’s charitable partners include the Out Of The Cold program, Red Door Family Shelter and Halton Women’s Place.

All six RON WHITE store locations across the GTA will be collecting gently worn footwear that will be cleaned up, sorted and distributed to those in need.

Past RON WHITE Shoe Drive alumni include musical talents Backstreet Boys, Jann Arden, Chantal Kreviazuk and Hilary Duff, actors Michael Cera, Hayden Cristensen and Kyle MacLachlan, World Champion Figure Skaters Kurt Browning and Brian Orser and media personalities Ben Mulroney, Jeanne Beker, Seamus O’Regan and Leslie Roberts.


Jeremy Irons supports the Greater Chernobyl Cause and is making a film for the charity…


Last April a shipment filled with Humanitarian Aid worth in the region of half a million euro was sent to Kazakhstan as part of the ongoing work of Cork Charity the Greater Chernobyl Cause.

The Shipment was bound for the neglected hospitals and impoverished villages in Semipalatinsk and Ayagus which are located on the railroad to Siberia and includes vital hospital and educational equipment as well as clothes, shoes and non perishable items.

The Greater Chernobyl Cause was founded by Cork born Fiona Corcoran who has been working with Children in the Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Kiev for the last 13 years.

Fiona has now returned from Kazakhstan having brought much needed Humanitarian Aid, and will also be overseeing the charity’s other works which include the transformation of the basement at their newly built Ayagus Orphanage and the production of a film involving Acclaimed Actor Jeremy Irons, who has supported this Cork Charity in the past number of years.


Jeremy lends his voice to “Everybody – The Universal Declaration of Human Rights” for Amnesty International.


Jeremy Irons supports “T for Tibet”


“You don’t have to be a Buddhist to care about Tibet – although I’m sure it makes you care even more deeply. You just have to look at this ancient, unique culture being systematically destroyed over decades of Chinese occupation. You just have to look at the thousands of Tibetans who risk their lives every year fleeing into exile across the Himalayas. They’re fleeing because they want to be Tibetans, not Chinese. It is heartbreaking to see western governments turning a blind eye to the destruction of Tibetan civilisation. 

“Yes, there are other human rights abuses, appalling human rights abuses going on in too many corners of the world. But in the run up to the Olympics, as the Chinese government tries to use the Games for propaganda purposes, all eyes need to be on Tibet. The Chinese government invaded Tibet, it is occupying Tibet, torturing, imprisoning and even killing Tibetans for daring to demand their basic human rights, their dignity. The Chinese government should be ashamed.

“Why am I supporting the T for Tibet campaign? Because if I didn’t, I would be ashamed.”


Jeremy supports The Prince’s Trust and Children & the Arts Campaign


Starry night at Buckingham Palace

Stars from stage and screen joined the Prince of Wales and Children & the Arts supporters for a night of  entertainment and a thank you dinner at Buckingham Palace in April. In a variety performance before dinner Sir Ian McKellen, Jude Law, Penelope Wilton, Jeremy Irons, Pauline Collins, Clive Rowe, The Ballet Boyz, Renee  Fleming and many others took to the stage. Directed by David Lan from the Young Vic Theatre the performance explored the importance of inspiration and creativity in a child’s life.
Jude Law, Jeremy Irons, The Ballet Boyz, Pauline Collins, Penelope Wilton and David Lan have all since become ambassadors for Children & the Arts.

“Anything we can do to involve children in the arts must presage a richer society in the future.”
Jeremy Irons

Jeremy Irons is an ambassador of the Prince’s Teaching Institute – one of the Prince’s Trust Charities.
Here is Jeremy’s comment on their website:
“The late Robert Glen was my English teacher and like most of my teachers found me lacking in motivation but he included me in a small group who would meet in his own home to read poetry and plays. In the quietness of those surroundings, removed from the bustle of the classroom, the magic of the written word began to enter my awareness. I owe him a great deal for planting that seed, for recognizing the seed needed to be planted and for doing it purely through love of his subject.”


Macmillan Trust fundraiser

Cabaret style performance on the stage in the bar area of the National Theatre after the May 22, 2008 performance of Never So Good.  Jeremy sang “Mrs. Worthington”.


Jeremy supports Freeing the Human Spirit (Now part of the John Howard Society) and the Prison Phoenix Trust.

Freeing the Human Spirit is a National Not-for-Profit Registered Charity which provides inmates with a program of meditation and yoga. Meditation and yoga are ancient ways of creating internal silence leading to a feeling of peace.   Jeremy Irons is an honorary patron.  See the ON STAGE page for more on Jeremy’s efforts to support the charity.

The ability to not judge others is a rare, but admirable, trait.

Oscar-winning actor Jeremy Irons describes his Canadian friend and mentor Sister Elaine MacInnes – an 83-year-old Catholic nun and Zen master – as one of the most non-judgmental persons he has ever had the fortune to meet. “I’ve only met four or five amazing people in my life, and she is one.”

Zen brings quiet solitude to solitary

What an interesting woman – Sister Elaine MacInnes

Freeing the Spirit…Through Meditation and Yoga – paperback at

Jeremy Irons is a patron of The Prison Phoenix Trust.

The Prison Phoenix Trust encourages prisoners in their spiritual lives through meditation and yoga, working with silence and the breath.

They offer individual support to prisoners and prison staff through teaching, correspondence, books and newsletters. People of any faith or no faith can benefit. They honour all religions.

The Prison Phoenix Trust was registered as a charity in 1988. They work all over the UK and The Republic of Ireland in prisons, young offender institutions, immigration removal centres, secure hospitals and probation hostels.

A key aspect of our work is training and supporting qualified yoga teachers to teach in prison and other secure conditions.

Prisoners Urged to Do Yoga


Jeremy Irons is a member of the Louise Blouin Foundation’s International Advisory Council.

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Jeremy lends his voice to charity

Evening Times – Scotland

Children’s Laureate backs blind charity books project

CHILDREN’S Laureate Jaqueline Wilson has given her backing to a national blind charity.

The best-selling author, right, is to become patron of Living Paintings which adapts popular storybooks for children who are blind or partially-sighted.

More than 100 popular storybook titles have been adapted through a free postal library service, including Gruffalo and Postman Pat.

Sir Derek Jacobi, Jeremy Irons, Matt Lucas and Imelda Staunton are among the celebrities who have lent their voice to the charity.

The books are adapted by adding colourful raised plastic images of the main characters so the children can feel their way around them with their fingers – guided by audio description on CD or cassette.

The tape or CD also tells the picture story, while transparent Braille inserts are included so the child can read the text for themselves.

Jaqueline Wilson has sold more than 20 million books in the UK alone and was given an OBE for services to literacy in schools in 2002.

She decided to become patron after visiting the charity’s head office in Newbury.

23rd April 2007


Child Welfare Scheme

Jeremy Irons appeals on behalf of the Child Welfare Scheme enabling the most disadvantaged children and young people in Nepal to get quality healthcare, education and social opportunity and give them a voice that is heard!  Listen to Jeremy’s radio appeal here:


Family team to tackle poverty

Bucks Free Press

Jeremy with Emily at SHIVA event

Jeremy with Emily at SHIVA event

7:01am Thursday 8th March 2007

A WATFORD schoolgirl will join her mother on a trip to the Himalayas next month in a bid to tackle poverty in the region.

Emily Crye, 13, will help out at organisations that her mother, Karen Billing, has supported for the past three-and-a-half years.

These include an orphanage in Kathmandu, a school for Tibetan exiles and young Buddhist monks, and the Mother Teresa Mission for the Elderly.

The pair will also visit a school in the Indian Himalayas which Mrs Billing has been sponsoring through the Schools Helping India Voluntary Association (SHIVA).

The two have prepared for their trip with extensive fundraising. A number of celebrities including Robin Williams, Jeremy Irons and Joanna Lumley have given money or donated belongings which have then been sold at auction.

Emily, who attends Watford Grammar School for Girls, has also added to the coffers by selling sweets at her school, raising £145 in six weeks.

Mrs Billing, who lives in Garfield Street, has visited the area before, but for Emily it will be a new experience.

She said: “My mum has been telling me all the amazing things about Nepal.

“I am anxious to meet others my own age and see the effects of poverty rather than read about it or see images on television.”

She said: “The thing which appeals to me most about the trip is the chance to get up close and personal, and see people’s everyday lives.”

Some of the children that Emily will visit will be the same age as her.

She said: “It will be interesting to see people from the same age group but with such different lives.”

Mrs Billing said: “I’m very proud that my daughter wants to get stuck in and help others.

“So many children can’t see beyond their own needs and wants, but Emily has made it very clear that she wants to get involved on a global scale. I also can’t think of a better travel companion.”

Emily and her mother will be setting off on Saturday, March 31, and will spend two weeks in Nepal and West Bengal.


Jeremy Irons supports Evidence for Development


Jeremy Irons supports

Jeremy Irons supports Heal the Bay:


Jeremy Irons models the Save The Arctic t-shirt designed by fashion icon and activist Dame Vivienne Westwood during a photoshoot with celebrity photographer Andy Gotts MBE.

Jeremy Irons models the Save The Arctic t-shirt designed by fashion icon and activist Dame Vivienne Westwood during a photoshoot with celebrity photographer Andy Gotts MBE.


Jeremy Irons supports Art for Amnesty. Photo via @Art4Amnesty on Twitter

Jeremy Irons supports Art for Amnesty. Photo via @Art4Amnesty on Twitter


Jeremy Irons supports Darkness into Light Clonakilty

Jeremy Irons supports Darkness into Light Clonakilty and Pieta House


friends of guys marsh logo

Jeremy Irons supports the Friends of Guys Marsh Prison


Jeremy Irons supports RAGES (Rotarian Action Group for Endangered Species)

Jeremy Irons supports RAGES (Rotarian Action Group for Endangered Species)