Filming Underway on Henry IV

Filming is underway on Henry IV

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Production on Henry IV, Part 1 and Henry IV, Part 2 has begun. A cast read-through took place the first week of January. Filming began on the 9th and will last nine weeks for both films. Locations include Caerphilly Castle in Wales, which is apparently being used as the site of Hotspur’s meeting with Owen Glendower. Filming also took place at Ashridge.

Filming will take place at Gloucester Cathedral from 25 January, for about two weeks.

In February, filming moves to Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire.

From the official BBC Press Release:

Continuing with the incredibly high standard set by Richard II, Jeremy Irons plays the role of King Henry IV in this production adapted and directed by Richard Eyre. Tom Hiddleston joins the cast as Prince Hal, Simon Russell Beale plays Falstaff and Alun Armstrong plays the Earl of Northumberland. Lady Northumberland is played by Niamh Cusack with Hotspur played by Joe Armstrong.

As with Richard II and Henry V, these bold adaptations are set in the medieval period and are being shot at some of the UK’s most stunning locations. The films will bring a new scale to Shakespeare in one of the most ambitious television projects of recent years.

Henry IV, Part 1 is expected to air on BBC2 in the summer of 2012 along with the other three films in the series: Richard II, Henry IV, Part 2 and Henry V. The four films will also be shown in the U.S. on Great Performances on PBS.

Jeremy Irons via Skype for ‘The Words’ Press Conference at Sundance

Jeremy Irons joined the press conference at the Sundance Film Festival for The Words via Skype today, from his home in Oxfordshire.

Jeremy Irons Zooming in on Bradley Cooper’s Hotness – from USA Today

Jeremy Irons might have been thousands of miles away from the Sundance Film Festival, but he was the life of the party at The Words press conference on Thursday.

By Bryan Alexander

Skyping in from his computer in Oxfordshire, England (where he’s about to shoot a new movie), Irons interrupted the press conference at one point to ask to see his co-star Bradley Cooper.

“Could you please turn the camera towards Bradley for me,” Irons said. “My (assistant) is sitting on the floor here and she’s very keen to see him up close.”

People’s reigning Sexiest-Man-Alive Cooper, who was showing some serious Sundance stubble, was finally brought in front of the camera. Irons then coo-ed: “Okay Bradley, now smolder for me.”

Irons puffed away on cigarettes as his image was broadcast on a large screen during the press conference at the Acura Studio in Park City, Utah.

“The advantage I have here is that I can have a cigarette,” he gloated. “The disadvantage is that I cannot hit the ski slopes.”

Irons, 63, also went on to talk about how hard it was to play an old man in the film.

“The hardest thing was to play someone so incredibly old,” he said. “Because you know I’m actually quite young. The reason I have this beard is because I play someone who is also old. It’s a stretch.”

Irons was such a hoot that writer-director Brian Klugman finally announced, “Jeremy will now be doing five-minutes of stand-up.”

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The Borgias – Season 2 TV Spots and Promo Videos

The Borgias – Open Set – Season 2 Preview

Showtime has premiered on the network and added to their YouTube channel this video “Open Set” The Borgias Season 2 Preview – Hosted by Holliday Grainger.

The Borgias, Season 2 premieres on Showtime on Sunday 8 April 2012.

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Jeremy Irons on the Andrew Marr Show

Jeremy Irons was a guest on the Andrew Marr Show on BBC One on Sunday 22 January 2012. He spoke about Margin Call and about the economy.



More video clips can be seen HERE and HERE.



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Max Irons at INC Press Junket in NYC

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Sarah Leon via the Stylelist

Max Irons, Model/Actor, Thinks New York Is More Fashionable Than London

“I think New York is more stylish than London,” 26-year-old UK-native Max Irons said Thursday morning, “I think a lot of people [in London] don’t give a shit about what they wear, but when you’re looking out the window of a taxi in New York, there are stylish people everywhere.”

Appropriately, Irons, who is the son of award-winning actor Jeremy Irons, and I were sitting on the 50th floor of the The London Hotel in New York at the time, looking out at the tops of buildings, “It’s only in the past four or five years I’ve started to get in touch with what New York’s really about. I like it, it feels quite like London,” he explains, “Everything’s bigger and faster here, it’s kind of overwhelming. I remember when I was younger because my godmother is from New York, she’s a travel agent, she used to fly me here every summer.”

Irons was in town for a few days to promote his latest gig: the face of Macy’s private label line INC. “I’m happy with them, which is rare thing,” he insists, “I always feel kind of awkward when I look at pictures of myself. Watching videos of myself is really uncomfortable.” The actor/model is surprisingly modest considering he has already appeared in campaigns for Burberry and Mango. Though modeling was never something he set out to do, “When I first got spotted, it was a bit of a shock. I was at drama school and I had no money, so I did it.” Before becoming a model, Irons worked as a bartender at The Ark in Notting Hill, “I was the head barman. I was so bad, but I would go back if I had to. Hopefully I won’t need to.”

We’ll say he’s in the clear. Next, Irons will appear in “The Host,” Stephanie Meyers of “Twilight” fame’s new project. “I haven’t read the “Twilight” books,” he confesses, “But it’s everywhere so I feel like I know it. Edward, Bella, Jacob, etc. but… I haven’t read them. I am a big reader. I loved “The Host,” Stephanie’s a great writer and it’s science fiction which is up my alley.”


Max Irons Talks About Crushing On Kate Moss, His Love Of Uggs, And More In Our Exclusive Interview – from MTV


Max Irons Regrets Wearing ‘Psychedelic’ Undies – from Stylewatch

Interview: Actor Max Irons Dishes on His Modeling Career and His Upcoming Role in ‘The Host’ – from

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Golden Globe Awards 2012 Coverage

Jeremy Irons was nominated for Best Performance by an Actor In A Television Series – Drama.

Video of Jeremy Irons, on stage with Dr. Aida Takla O’Reilly, President of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards.

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Twitter Buzz from TCA 2012

Comments made by Jeremy or about Jeremy, as tweeted on Twitter by various people and press agencies in attendance during The Borgias panel discussion at TCA 2012.


Jeremy Irons is so intelligent, classy, polite and charming.


Sitting in a room listening to Jeremy Irons speak. The English really do sound smarter!


#JeremyIrons says #MerylStreep was “always great, even 100 years ago when I worked with her.”


Jeremy Irons has THE BEST STORIES EVER (smoking a cigarette and drinking wine with an archbishop who has a mistress?)


“Not since doing ‘Brideshead,’ have I felt so comfortable doing a series,” Jeremy Irons says.


Irons story about undermining young actors: Friend John Hurt tells them they have a good voice b/c “from then on, they are f***ed.”


Jeremy Irons on voicing a bar rag on The Simpsons “He’s very proper, this bar rag b/c he started out as an Egyptian tapestry”


“My head at the moment is full of Shakespeare,” Jeremy Irons says in “The Borgias” panel.


Neil Jordan wrote 5 of season 2’s Borgias’ scripts.


“Neil does has a very particular style … When you speak it, he has a wonderful sense of rhythm.” – Irons


“I think it is a case of the 1 percent against the 99 percent, and it always has been.” – Irons


“It seems to me that we are not even halfway through Alexander’s reign. … There’s an enormous wealth of material.” – Irons


Last year,Irons wore riding boots&carried saddlebags.This year,he’s bearded,in a dark vest&white shirt w/billowy sleeves.


EP says the ideal plan is to go for four seasons, but they could continue on with Pope Julius


Even in shadow, Jeremy Irons is dazzling. I love my job.


Jeremy Irons is dressed like he’s ready to ride a horse. It’s a look that works for him


Jeremy Irons on Rodrigo: “He’s been put in touch with his inner conscience” this season.

Jeremy Irons compares out-of-touch Borgias to Republican presidential candidates… wonder if cable news will “discuss” his comments


Getting my horse-chat fix this a.m. w/Jeremy Irons (has Gypsy hunter), Joanne Whalley mourning her horse & Tim Conway TB lover at #tca12


I was so starstruck when I saw the great Jeremy Irons just now! Eeeep!



I would very much like to talk like Jeremy Irons for a full day and then collapse, exhausted, with all my friends and family annoyed at me.


I find it hilarious that “Jeremy Irons” is trending in Pittsburgh right now. Are they remaking Brideshead Revisited in the South side?


“What is truth? Hopefully there is some sort of truth in what we do.” – Jeremy Irons, being Jeremy Irons


Jeremy Irons sounds so classy, even as a bar rag. I’m going to start talking that way.


Ahhhhh Jeremy Irons is trending on twitter !! 🙂 Such a talented actor can’t wait for #TheBorgias to begin in April pumpeeeeed ! 🙂


Jeremy Irons is flawless and a badass. Just thought y’all should know that.


THE BORGIAS Jeremy Irons dressed like rakish English stable boy. Boots, white shirt, vest, wool scarf, tan britches-like pants.


It’s always interesting to hear Jeremy Irons talk. Lots of great stories, that accent, the wit…and “motorcar.” What’s not to like?


SHOWTIME #BORGIAS Keep wishing Jeremy Irons will break into “Be Prepared.”


#TheBorgias ‘s Jeremy Irons says he likes to remain in character but currently he’s dressed more for Puss n Boots.


Jeremy Irons jokes if Colm Feore has his way, #Borgias will continue past death of Rodrigo, into reign of Pope Julius.


“A lot of your Republican nominees can get completely out of touch with how things are.”


I haven’t seen #TheBorgias yet, but this panel is inspiring me to mount a dark-horse campaign for Jeremy Irons for pope IRL.


THE BORGIAS at #TCA12: if Jeremy irons grabbed a sword and started swashbuckling right now, I’d be not surprised.


Pretty sure Jeremy Irons is wearing an Old Navy Performance Fleece vest right now.

Jeremy Irons at the TCA Winter Press Tour

Jeremy Irons and fellow The Borgias cast members Holliday Grainger, Francois Arnaud and Joanne Whalley, took part in a panel discussion in Los Angeles on Thursday 12 January 2012.

At the recent press conference to promote the upcoming season, Irons likened The Borgias to the current “occupy” movement. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR ABOVE FOR AUDIO)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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‘The Words’ Sundance Film Festival Poster

The Sundance Film Festival poster for Jeremy’s upcoming movie The Words has been released:

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Bradley Cooper gets shady in Sundance mystery ‘The Words’

Original article HERE

Now Bradley Cooper is the “textiest man alive.”

This poster for his upcoming Sundance mystery-romance The Words depicts The Hangover actor in silhouette, rendered by lines from the movie’s screenplay — a nod to the movie’s themes about how our use of words defines us (especially if they’re not ours to begin with).

Cooper stars as a struggling writer whose wife (Zoe Saldana) buys a valise for him in an antiques shop, which happens to contain the manuscript for a lost masterwork by a Hemingway-esque writer (Jeremy Irons). Things take a dark turn when he decides to publish it as his own work.

The Words is the closing night movie for the festival, which runs from Jan. 19-29. Co-writers and co-directors Brian Klugman and Lee Sternthal originally penned the script 12 years ago. Thankfully, they never lost it in and old briefcase.

“We started by talking about writers and their lost work. What if you lost all your work? How long would it take you to move on?” says Sternthal.

“That led us to a question, what if you found the work?” Klugman adds.

Olivia Wilde co-stars as the threat looming over Cooper, a fellow scribe who wants to know more about the origin of his best-selling and beloved novel. “Olivia plays someone who wants to be a great writer, and also wants to know the truth about what happened with this book,” Sternthal says.

While it’s difficult to tell a cinematic story about writing (a guy sitting at a keyboard is hard to dramatize), Sternthal and Klugman describe The Words almost as a heist film. It’s challenging to write well, but the tools are available to anyone who wants them — which means they are also easily stolen. “When you’ve been in this industry and try to be an actor or a director — to be anything — you need so many elements to come into place. You need money. You need someone to say, basically, ‘It’s okay, you can do this.’ But to be a writer, to work with words, you need a pen and paper,” Klugman says.

“And the best thing about it is, if it sucks, you can just throw it out,” Sternthal jokes.

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