Twitter Buzz from TCA 2012

Comments made by Jeremy or about Jeremy, as tweeted on Twitter by various people and press agencies in attendance during The Borgias panel discussion at TCA 2012.


Jeremy Irons is so intelligent, classy, polite and charming.


Sitting in a room listening to Jeremy Irons speak. The English really do sound smarter!


#JeremyIrons says #MerylStreep was “always great, even 100 years ago when I worked with her.”


Jeremy Irons has THE BEST STORIES EVER (smoking a cigarette and drinking wine with an archbishop who has a mistress?)


“Not since doing ‘Brideshead,’ have I felt so comfortable doing a series,” Jeremy Irons says.


Irons story about undermining young actors: Friend John Hurt tells them they have a good voice b/c “from then on, they are f***ed.”


Jeremy Irons on voicing a bar rag on The Simpsons “He’s very proper, this bar rag b/c he started out as an Egyptian tapestry”


“My head at the moment is full of Shakespeare,” Jeremy Irons says in “The Borgias” panel.


Neil Jordan wrote 5 of season 2’s Borgias’ scripts.


“Neil does has a very particular style … When you speak it, he has a wonderful sense of rhythm.” – Irons


“I think it is a case of the 1 percent against the 99 percent, and it always has been.” – Irons


“It seems to me that we are not even halfway through Alexander’s reign. … There’s an enormous wealth of material.” – Irons


Last year,Irons wore riding boots&carried saddlebags.This year,he’s bearded,in a dark vest&white shirt w/billowy sleeves.


EP says the ideal plan is to go for four seasons, but they could continue on with Pope Julius


Even in shadow, Jeremy Irons is dazzling. I love my job.


Jeremy Irons is dressed like he’s ready to ride a horse. It’s a look that works for him


Jeremy Irons on Rodrigo: “He’s been put in touch with his inner conscience” this season.

Jeremy Irons compares out-of-touch Borgias to Republican presidential candidates… wonder if cable news will “discuss” his comments


Getting my horse-chat fix this a.m. w/Jeremy Irons (has Gypsy hunter), Joanne Whalley mourning her horse & Tim Conway TB lover at #tca12


I was so starstruck when I saw the great Jeremy Irons just now! Eeeep!



I would very much like to talk like Jeremy Irons for a full day and then collapse, exhausted, with all my friends and family annoyed at me.


I find it hilarious that “Jeremy Irons” is trending in Pittsburgh right now. Are they remaking Brideshead Revisited in the South side?


“What is truth? Hopefully there is some sort of truth in what we do.” – Jeremy Irons, being Jeremy Irons


Jeremy Irons sounds so classy, even as a bar rag. I’m going to start talking that way.


Ahhhhh Jeremy Irons is trending on twitter !! 🙂 Such a talented actor can’t wait for #TheBorgias to begin in April pumpeeeeed ! 🙂


Jeremy Irons is flawless and a badass. Just thought y’all should know that.


THE BORGIAS Jeremy Irons dressed like rakish English stable boy. Boots, white shirt, vest, wool scarf, tan britches-like pants.


It’s always interesting to hear Jeremy Irons talk. Lots of great stories, that accent, the wit…and “motorcar.” What’s not to like?


SHOWTIME #BORGIAS Keep wishing Jeremy Irons will break into “Be Prepared.”


#TheBorgias ‘s Jeremy Irons says he likes to remain in character but currently he’s dressed more for Puss n Boots.


Jeremy Irons jokes if Colm Feore has his way, #Borgias will continue past death of Rodrigo, into reign of Pope Julius.


“A lot of your Republican nominees can get completely out of touch with how things are.”


I haven’t seen #TheBorgias yet, but this panel is inspiring me to mount a dark-horse campaign for Jeremy Irons for pope IRL.


THE BORGIAS at #TCA12: if Jeremy irons grabbed a sword and started swashbuckling right now, I’d be not surprised.


Pretty sure Jeremy Irons is wearing an Old Navy Performance Fleece vest right now.

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