Max Irons at INC Press Junket in NYC

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Sarah Leon via the Stylelist

Max Irons, Model/Actor, Thinks New York Is More Fashionable Than London

“I think New York is more stylish than London,” 26-year-old UK-native Max Irons said Thursday morning, “I think a lot of people [in London] don’t give a shit about what they wear, but when you’re looking out the window of a taxi in New York, there are stylish people everywhere.”

Appropriately, Irons, who is the son of award-winning actor Jeremy Irons, and I were sitting on the 50th floor of the The London Hotel in New York at the time, looking out at the tops of buildings, “It’s only in the past four or five years I’ve started to get in touch with what New York’s really about. I like it, it feels quite like London,” he explains, “Everything’s bigger and faster here, it’s kind of overwhelming. I remember when I was younger because my godmother is from New York, she’s a travel agent, she used to fly me here every summer.”

Irons was in town for a few days to promote his latest gig: the face of Macy’s private label line INC. “I’m happy with them, which is rare thing,” he insists, “I always feel kind of awkward when I look at pictures of myself. Watching videos of myself is really uncomfortable.” The actor/model is surprisingly modest considering he has already appeared in campaigns for Burberry and Mango. Though modeling was never something he set out to do, “When I first got spotted, it was a bit of a shock. I was at drama school and I had no money, so I did it.” Before becoming a model, Irons worked as a bartender at The Ark in Notting Hill, “I was the head barman. I was so bad, but I would go back if I had to. Hopefully I won’t need to.”

We’ll say he’s in the clear. Next, Irons will appear in “The Host,” Stephanie Meyers of “Twilight” fame’s new project. “I haven’t read the “Twilight” books,” he confesses, “But it’s everywhere so I feel like I know it. Edward, Bella, Jacob, etc. but… I haven’t read them. I am a big reader. I loved “The Host,” Stephanie’s a great writer and it’s science fiction which is up my alley.”


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Max Irons in Wonderland Magazine

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Max Irons is featured in the February/March 2011 issue of Wonderland magazine,  interviewed about Red Riding Hood:

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Brief Encounter With…Max Irons – from

Brief Encounter With … Max Irons
Date: 10 December 2009

Max Irons is currently making his London stage debut in Tom Stoppard’s Artist Descending a Staircase at the Old Red Lion in Islington.

Born to theatrical parents (Jeremy Irons and Sinead Cusack), 24-year-old Irons has already notched up film credits including Being Julia and Dorian Gray, and earlier this year he appeared on stage in Wallenstein at the Chichester Festival Theatre.

Artist Descending a Staircase, which was written in 1972 as a radio play, was first performed on stage at the King’s Head Theatre in 1988. The current production at the Old Red Lion, under the direction of Michael Gieleta, is its first major revival since then.

What made you decide to become an actor?
I always find that people have these massively romantic reasons for wanting to become an actor. I, unfortunately, don’t. I always wanted to do it, in school while growing up, from being in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs playing a dwarf onto more serious things. Problem is, I have dyslexia, which is always a bit of a killer on stage. People would hand me a script and say “Read this and act!”, which was a mind-bending idea, and I would start sweating and shaking profusely. As I went on and did more serious things, I would have time to prepare. I did a Neil LaBute two hander, which I enjoyed massively, and I did other bits and pieces at school.

I considered going to drama school, but I wasn’t entirely sure, so I took a gap year and worked with a company in Nepal who taught kids living on the streets – they asked me to teach theatre, which I enjoyed immensely. After that I came home, and over a period of six months I prepared myself for drama school, did my auditions and got offered a place.

You come from an acting family. Was that an encouragement for you or a put off?
To be honest, it was a bit of a put off. It’s a difficult question because I can’t say with a clear conscience that my choice had nothing to do with them. What I mean by that is not that I saw them out there working, making money, having an enjoyable profession, but that I was exposed to theatre and film at an early age. When I saw told my parents that I wanted to be an actor, their first response was “Don’t”. They said “Just because we had a successful career doesn’t mean that the same will apply to you”. I now know, after being in the business for two years and facing rejection, just what they were talking about.

Many actors are going straight to television and film these days, and some are accused of fame-seeking. What’s your take on that?
The business is different to how it used to be. My Dad said “do rep”, and I had to explain to him that it’s hard to come by these days. Celebrity culture, seeking fame and fortune and all that, is definitely out there. To be honest, to be an actor for life requires for steely stuff. You have to have a lot of conviction. If you’re only looking for fame and fortune, you won’t survive.

You’ve done some modelling.

How did that come about?
Burberry was the first to approach me. I got a phone call on a Saturday morning from a man saying “we want to photograph you with Kate Moss, and we’ll pay you a bit”. And I thought, ‘well it’s a good experience to cross off your to do list’. And more recently, I worked with Mango, which is another great company. So I put a little bit of money in the bank for when times are bad, and God knows times are bad now.

Are you keen now to mark your territory as a serious actor?
Well, ideally I still need to learn a lot. And the best place to do that is in theatre where you can do it night after night after night. To be honest, I enjoy theatre more than film, but then again, if an interesting part were to come along, I don’t think I would hesitate too much. Beggars can’t be choosers!

What attracted you to Artist Descending a Staircase?
I quite like intimate spaces, and the project seemed really interesting, so with that combination I couldn’t help myself. I worked in Chichester for a while, which I adored. It was in the round, but not nearly as intimate as the Red Lion.

Can you provide an overview of the play?
It’s about three artists who share a studio together and much of their lives together, and still in their 70s are exploring what modern interpretive art can offer. In the middle, there a three scenes when you see the same artists when they were in their 20s, which is where I come in. Mainly I would say it’s about the way these three personalities view the world artistically, but then there’s also a whodunnit element, as two characters pass away during the course of the play. I don’t want to give too much away.

Which character do you play?
I play Beecham, who is the mousiest of the three artists. I think he’s the best at keeping his mouth shut and his eyes open, and seeing the world truly for what it is – which is in stark contrast to many other artists.

What particular challenges are posed by the fact it was originally a radio play?
Well, in terms of staging, there’s a lot of trial and error. Tom’s an incredibly skilled writer, so there aren’t any holes to be plugged, so it’s basically a case of improvising and trying different ways of playing it. Our director Michael (Gieleta) has left a huge amount to us, which is really nice, but what’s also nice is that he’s got a very clear vision of how it should be done. He’s very good at sketching the picture in our heads, and then letting us fill in the gaps.

Why do you think it hasn’t been revived for so long?
I think primarily because it’s a radio play. Plus, a lot of the subject matter is quite hard to handle. I struggled with it at first, because it has a lot of references to various artistic schools of thought. If you don’t know what they’re talking about, it can be very tricky.

What have you got lined up next?
Well, ideally I’d like to do some Chekhov, who is probably my favourite writer. I also hear that David Hare might be doing a production of Ghosts, which is very exciting and another great play. There are various possibilities, but primarily I just want to keep working.

– Max Irons was speaking to Theo Bosanquet

Artist Descending a Staircase, which also stars Jeremy Child, Olivia Darnley, Ryan Gage, Edward Petherbridge, Alex Robertson and David Weston, continues at the Old Red Lion until 31 December 2010.

Behind the Scenes with Max Irons at MANGO

Fantastic interview with Max from the MANGO website:

Even more great video of Max!
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Max’s part in this video starts at 1:27….

maxMANGOvid1 maxMANGOvid2 maxMANGOvid3 maxMANGOvid4


New Images – Max Irons for MANGO

Max Irons for the MANGO Autumn/Winter 09 Collection

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More new photos of Max modeling for Mango

Max Irons in Hola magazine – Great new photos!

Max Irons in Hola Magazine - photo by Francesco Carrozzini

Max Irons in Hola Magazine - photo by Francesco Carrozzini

from – Translated from Spanish

Actor Max Irons, son of actor Jeremy Irons, makes the jump to the world of fashion

Handsome, and above all, one of the young actors of the moment. Max Irons, son of film star Jeremy Irons, has managed to make the most of his attractive face and not only decided to conquer the big screen, but also the world of fashion.

During the autumn-winter 2009-2010, will face Max HE homini Emerito, male line of signature Mango (for its part, Scarlett Johansson is responsible for women’s proposals show the company as you were informed a few days). The young British actor, 23, traveled in May to Barcelona to pose for these advertisements against a target of Italian photographer Francesco Carrozzini (also went to the Mango fashion show for next season).

However, it is not the first time participating in an advertising campaign. In fact, some seasons ago, was the face of Burberry house.

Photo by Francesco Carrozzini

Photo by Francesco Carrozzini

Photo by Francesco Carrozzini

Photo by Francesco Carrozzini

Photo by Francesco Carrozzini

Photo by Francesco Carrozzini

Max Irons – the new face of MANGO

May 2, 2009

Max Irons – the face of the new season of MANGO:


Mango has new ambassadors
Mango once again shone on the feast of presentation of the new collection Fall / Winter 09 with the presence of many guests, which took place on Wednesday night, at the Center for Design of Mango in the outskirts of Barcelona.

Among the audience were the faces of the new season of Mango – Max Irons (son of actor Jeremy Irons) who will stay for the line HE by Mango; Riley Keough (granddaughter of singer Elvis Presley), Marie Ange Casta (sister of model and actress French Laetitia Casta); Leigh Lezark (American DJ) and Daisy Lowe (daughter of former British singer Pearl Lowe), which will replace the sisters Cruz (Penélope and Monica).

The new collection We Can Be Heroes is inspired in the 80s and look at the rock. Many skins, belts with tacks, lycra, trousers very fair, and just short dresses, wool and worked long, fuzzy jackets and shin. Shoes and boots in stiletto heels and high pipes or Calf boots. The fur coats are definitely back. The palette of colors follows a consistent line of gray, black, blue and occasionally strong pink.

The Spanish brand, which is present in 92 countries this year to open about 150 stores worldwide, regardless of the crisis. “We do not cut anyone off at this stage and we will not do it. We want to open more stores during 2009, although we are going through a serious economic crisis in that sense we have shortfalls in sales in Spain and the States United, “said Enric Casi, general manager of Mango, the DN.

[Get Max’s look – His scarf is available at]

maxmango5 Coleccion MNG OI2009-10

Max Irons attends MANGO event – VIDEO

Max Irons MANGO maxironsmango1 maxmango11 maxmango2 maxmango3

Max is in this video at 1:02


On April 29th, Max Irons attended the presentation of the 2nd Annual Mango Fashion Awards at the Hangar de MANGO at Palau Solità-i Plegamans in Barcelona. MANGO representatives, accompanied by the Chairman Oscar de la Renta and the rest of the members of the Jury, hosted an exclusive press conference for the attending media to offer a final assessment and announce the overall winner.

This event was attended by familiar faces from the world of politics, film and culture, fashion and television, including Jerry Hall, Riley Keough Presley, Marie-Ange Casta, Max Irons, Carla Royo-Villanova, Monica Cruz , Naty Abascal, Luis Medina, Genoveva Casanova, Elisabeth Reyes, Alejandra Prat, Mónica Estarreado, Pablo Rivero, Leticia Dolera, Aida Folch, Kira Miró, among others.

After the presentation, Mango held a cocktail party held in the same hangar in which they operate Solange Knowles clothing line.

Learn more about the Spanish fashion brand MANGO here.