Jeremy Irons in South Africa

Jeremy Irons is in South Africa

Jeremy Irons arrived in Cape Town, South Africa on the same British Airways flight as rugby star Chris Jack.

Jeremy’s time in South Africa was spent in conjunction with events sponsored by the Academy of Achievement and their 2009 International Achievement Summit.

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Here’s the relevant excerpt:

“…The event, which was at a orphanage for AIDS orphans in Khayalicha, was a summit of the Academy of Achievement (or something) which as far as I can tell is an organization for rich graduate and doctoral students interested in social change. What was nuts is the incredible number of celebrities there. Among those we met or at least stood close to: Vince Gill, Amy Grant, Nadine Gordimer (Nobel Laureate, author of July’s Children), Chris Matthews, Sam Donaldson, Jeremy Irons, Barbara Holden (Minister in the government and extremely important figure from the Anti-Apartheid, released from jail at the same time as Mandela)….”

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