Jeremy Irons supports National Young Drama Festival in Romania

The papers report that enamoured with theatre and frustrated that in their town, Alexandria, southern Romania, there is not theatre house and no cinema hall, a group of local teens, aged between 16 and 19, decided four years ago to organise a festival for young theatre companies from around the country. This, they say, is the story of the Ideo Ideis National Young Drama Festival, directed by actor Marcel Iures, under the aegis of famous soprano singer Angela Gheorghiu.

The story of the young people of Alexandria in love with theatre has reached the ears of Jeremy Irons, via Gheorghiu. Irons congratulated the young people for their involvement in the creation of the Ideo Ideis National Young Drama Festival, saying he is sorry to not be able to attend the festival, and adding that they are in good hands with Angela Gheorghiu, who he calls one of the world’s best opera singers. Irons also send good luck to the young people of Alexandria.


Angela Gheorghiu and Jeremy Irons - photo from

Angela Gheorghiu and Jeremy Irons - photo from


Video of Jeremy giving his support for Ideo Ideis – National Youth Theatre Festival


Jeremy Irons recorded audio for William Blake’s World: “A New Heaven Is Begun” at the Morgan Library and Museum

Click here to listen to Jeremy Irons read “Auguries of Innocence” and “The Tyger” by William Blake

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Here’s an excerpt about Jeremy’s involvement in the exhibition:

Blake’s fame as a poet is seen in his fair copy of ballads known as The Pickering Manuscript, named after its early owner and publisher. Giving voice to Blake’s well-known poem “Auguries of Innocence,” found in the manuscript, is the actor Jeremy Irons, who has also recorded the shorter poem, “Tyger.” These can be heard on a gallery listening station and on the Morgan’s Web site.