Jeremy Irons spotted in Epidaurus


“Jeremy Irons heading to his seat, the girls go wild,
so do the flashes…”

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from Metis on

“Anyway, the performance in Epidaurus was excellent. The theatre was full (15,000 people) and the atmosphere awesome. Rebecca Hall (Peter Hall’s daughter, the brunette in ‘Vicky, Christina, Barcelona’) was outstanding; in fact everyone was very good and they looked like they were enjoying themselves, not just performing. Ethan Hawke was very entertaining as the shameless peddler and pickpocket; he played the guitar and sang a couple of songs too.

Jeremy Irons was in the audience looking sexy as usual (his wife was in the play and I think she was my favorite). He went all the way up to the top rows; probably wanted to appreciate the famous acoustics of the theatre. Kevin Spacey was there too (apparently he is the artistic director of the Old Vic Theatre in London which was part of this production).”
from Lauren O’Hara on

“EPIDAVROS, like Limassol’s Curium, is one the great ancient amphitheatres of the world and on Saturday night it was full to its 10,000 capacity for the final performance of the festival’s A Winter’s Tale.

The tragedy of wildfires raged around Athens once more, making the sunset eerily spectacular. At nightfall, the sky above the ancient site was clear and starlit as was the star-studded audience that waited for the unique Shakespeare: half tragic, half comic.

Jeremy Irons arrived looking curiously like Dumbledore to support his wife Sinead Cusack, who was playing Paulina. As he, embarrassingly, walked up the ancient steps to find his seat amont us, he looking surprisingly shy to be seen, although one couldn’t help but feel that the full length white kaftan and flowing brown robe were always going to be a giveaway. He was quickly followed by Kevin Spacey who received even louder cheers and took his seat amiably among us plebs just a few old stones away from where we sat.”

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