Jeremy Irons in Zeit Magazin

Jeremy Irons is featured in the April 2016 issue of Zeit Magazin with a photo by Axel Hoedt.

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Jeremy Irons: “The burning obsession” has disappeared

The actor Jeremy Irons, 67, says of his profession that he is not as obsessed as before: “There was a time, when acting for me was like an addiction,” Irons explained in Zeit magazine. “I always wanted bigger roles, to outdo myself, like an addict who needs a higher dose.” Meanwhile, he has overcome this situation: “The burning obsession to have to stand on the stage or in front of the camera to get better and to play more important roles, has disappeared,” said Irons. “Today it makes me happy to work less. The older you get, the more one becomes aware of the shrinking time that remains for one.”

For several years he has wanted to pursue a new dream: “I have an old gypsy caravan and two horses can pull it,” said Irons. “My dream is to ship these horses and the carriage to Spain and to drive it for a month or two through the north of the country to traverse amazing landscapes, to meet people, to accompany them for a piece of their path, to wonderful places to rest and to look after the horses. A splendid idea! “

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Photo via Sally Fischer Public Relations

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