Jeremy Irons in ‘Night Train to Lisbon’

Jeremy Irons has joined Bille August’s adaptation of Pascal Mercier’s bestselling novel Night Train to Lisbon for Studio Hamburg Production and C-Films.

According to Variety, Night Train to Lisbon will start filming on 8 March in Bern, Switzerland. It will also film in Lisbon, Portugal. Filming will take place over the course of about two months.

Screen Daily reports that Billie August is currently prepping “Night Train to Lisbon,” an adaptation of the best-selling thriller by Pascal Mercier, and he’s assembled an all-star international group of actors for the project. Jeremy Irons takes the lead, a Swiss professor who becomes obsessed with a mysterious book that sends him off on a journey to the Portugese city of the title, and joining him are Vanessa Redgrave, Bruno Ganz, Mélanie Laurent, Christopher Lee and Lena Olin

Based on the best-selling book by Pascal Mercier, the story follows a Swiss professor who saves a beautiful Portuguese woman from leaping to her death, only to come across a mesmerizing book by a Portuguese author that compels him to leave his boring life and embark on an adventure in search of the scribe. Here’s the Amazon synopsis:

In Swiss novelist Mercier’s U.S. debut, Raimund Gregorius is a gifted but dull 57-year-old high school classical languages teacher in Switzerland. After a chance meeting with a Portuguese woman in the rain, he discovers the work of a Portuguese poet and doctor, Amadeu de Prado, persecuted under Salazar’s regime. Transfixed by the work, Gregorius boards a train for Lisbon, bent on discovering Prado’s fate and on uncovering more of his work. He returns to the sites of Prado’s life and interviews the major players—Prado’s sisters, lovers, fellow resistors and estranged best friend—and begins to lose himself. The artful unspooling of Prado’s fraught life is richly detailed: full of surprises and paradoxes, it incorporates a vivid rendering of the Portuguese resistance to Salazar.

Martina Gedeck (“The Lives of Others”), Jack Huston (the half-face dude in “Boardwalk Empire”), August Diehll (“Inglourious Basterds”), and Portugese actors Nicolau Breyner, Adriano Luz, Jose Wallenstein and Beatriz Batarda round out the cast. It’s a very exciting collection of talent, and we hope it signifies good things about the script, and a possible return to form for August. The film, a U.S.-Swiss-German co-production, is set to shoot in March next year, so we likely won’t see it until sometime in 2013.

Jeremy Irons to receive ‘Ischia Legend Award’ 2010

Jeremy Irons will be awarded with the first ‘Ischia Legend Award 2010’, on July 13 in Sant’Angelo, Italy. The artist enters his name in gold next to those of Sir Ben Kingsley, Dennis Hopper, Vanessa Redgrave, Hilary Swank, F. Murray Abraham, Giancarlo Giannini and Stefania Sandrelli. Jeremy Irons will be presented the award by Bille August, who directed him in The House of the Spirits, and Michael Radford, with whom he made The Merchant of Venice.


Isle of Ischia, Italy: July 11-18, 2010

Ischia International Arts Academy and E.P.T. Napoli proudly announce the 8th Ischia Global Film & Music Fest to take place from July 11 to the 18. Following to the great success of the 5th Annual Los Angeles, Italia – Film, Fashion and Art Fest, at Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, the Ischia Global Film Fest 2010 will showcase today’s International and Italian Movies as well as Documentaries, Shorts and Video Clips. It will be a great opportunity to know more about the new generation of Global artists involved into the showbiz industry.

Jeremy Irons participates in Child Bereavement Charity event

Actress Vanessa Redgrave mourns daughter Natasha Richardson at Child Bereavement Charity event

7:30am Tuesday 8th December 2009

ACTRESS Vanessa Redgrave spoke movingly of the loss of her daughter Natasha Richardson at a concert for The Child Bereavement Charity, supported by this year’s Bucks Free Press Christmas Appeal.

She appeared alongside recitals and performances from actor Jeremy Irons, broadcaster Alan Titchmarsh and singer Eddi Reader at the fundraising show at Holy Trinity church in Brompton, West London.

Mrs Redgrave spoke of the loss of her daughter, the wife of actor Liam Neeson, who died following a March skiing accident in Quebec, France.

The 72-year-old read Death is Nothing at All by Canon Henry Scott-Holland, which contains the lines: “Why should I be out of mind / Because I am out of sight?”.

She told the candle-lit audience: “I was in two minds whether to read it.

“Sometimes I feel what Henry Scott-Holland is saying, it is so true, and sometimes I feel where is she?”

She praised the “wonderful” event and revealed Princes Charles had written her a “wonderful letter shortly after Tasha died”.

We are calling on readers to donate to the West Wycombe charity, which runs local groups for bereaved parents and children and provides nationwide training and support.

Attendees sang carols and heard from charity patron Flappy Lane Fox and founder patron and trustee Julia Samuel, who said: “Grief is such a small, tidy word that in no way conveys the complexity and messiness of loss.”

Jeremy Irons read Captain R.J Armes’s A Christmas Truce, about the brief ending of First World War hostilities in December 1914.

He told The Bucks Free Press: “There but for the grace of God go I.

“I haven’t lost a child and I could think of nothing worse. I was sitting there tonight thinking my boy is in Costa Rica and I hope he’s all right.

“I can think of nothing harder. It is a tremendous charity. I was very glad to be part of tonight.”

Alan Titchmarsh brought laughs with his recital of short story “Albert and the Liner” by Keith Waterhouse, who passed away this year.

He told the BFP: “I think it is something that one hopes won’t happen to them. Most of us know someone to who it has happened and how important that support is.”

Eddi Reader, former singer with Fairground Attraction, said the song she performed, Dragonflies, was about humans cope with mortality.

The singer, who travelled from Glasgow for the show, told us: “We have to live life today, like it is the end all the time.”

High Wycombe soprano Natasha Marsh performed Mike Sheppard’s Lullaby. She said: “I really wanted to be involved in this.”

The evening was opened by the Cantate Choir, which entered and left the church by candlelight and in song.

The programme featured artwork by cartoonist Gerald Scarfe.

Prince William, the charity’s Royal Patron, wrote: “The loss of a parent can be devastating and utterly bewildering for a child – and the loss of a child equally overwhelming for a parent or sibling.

“This wonderful organisation reaches out a hand at such times, when people most need help in their lives.”

Jeremy Irons to participate in Child Bereavement Charity event


child bereavement charity

A Christmas concert featuring performances and readings from actors Jeremy Irons and Vanessa Redgrave, TV gardener Alan Titchmarsh and Cameron Mackintosh’s Oliver! will be held in aid of bereaved families.

Welsh opera singer Natasha Marsh, Cantate Youth Choir and singer Eddi Reader will also be taking part in the event hosted by The Child Bereavement Charity at Holy Trinity Brompton in London on December 3.

Stage, screen and television actor Jeremy said: “Losing a child must cause the most unbearable pain. Pain that I have been lucky enough not to have had to face. “I am most happy to be able to help in a small way those that have.”

The event has been organised by Child Bereavement Charity patron Flappy Lane Fox, whose son Harry Sidebottom, died aged 24. She said: “The Child Bereavement Charity provides such an important service to bereaved families. “My son Harry had a fatal car accident just over 10 years ago, aged 24, and my step granddaughter Molly Lane Fox died of an inoperable brain tumour nearly 18 months ago, aged only five. “These two have remained my constant driving force, and have inspired me to help to ensure the continuance of this very special charity. “The money raised from this concert will ensure that children and families continue to have access to support when they need it most.”

The Child Bereavement Charity supports families and educates professionals both when a child dies and when a child is bereaved. Every year the charity trains around 5,000 professionals across health care, social care, education, the emergency services and the voluntary sector. It also provides a support and information service, resources, an interactive website with online forums and Buckinghamshire-based support groups.

The concert takes place at 6.45pm on December 3 at Holy Trinity Brompton, London SW7 1JA. Tickets are priced £50 and £75. To book call 01494 446648 or email: For more information about the charity visit


Jeremy Irons to portray Archibald McIndoe in new film

A possible upcoming film project for Jeremy Irons that of Reconstruction of Warriors, based on the book of the same name by E.R. Mayhew, about pioneering New Zealand plastic surgeon, Archibald McIndoe, who worked for the Royal Air Force during World War II. He greatly improved the treatment and rehabilitation of badly burned Spitfire pilots.

All of the details are not confirmed about the project but, according to various sites on the Internet, a screenplay has been written by Ireland-based writer Steven Goldsmith. Goldsmith was hired by Kevin Byron Murphy of Titian Red Pictures. The movie would be shot in Budapest, Hungary and in Ireland.

Likely director for the project is Lajos Koltai, a cinematographer and director who frequently works with Istvan Szabo. Lajos Koltai was the cinematographer for Jeremy’s movie Being Julia. Koltai’s American film directorial debut was for Evening, starring Claire Danes, Toni Collette, Vanessa Redgrave and Meryl Streep.

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Sir Archibald McIndoe


McIndoe and his patients


Sir Archibald McIndoe and his patients - the Guinea Pigs