Jeremy Irons – Emmy Nomination Exclusive Video Interview with Gold Derby

Text via GoldDerby:

“I like my sleep,” admits Jeremy Irons about whether he plans to participate in the Emmys next month, which will for the first time be a live virtual ceremony across countless locations worldwide. While the actor is thrilled to be nominated for an Emmy, he says its unlikely he’ll be able to be on camera in the middle of the night where he lives in Ireland. “It goes out at three o’clock in the morning my time, so I shan’t be up for it, I shall probably leave some sort of message and wait and see when I wake up!”

“But ‘Watchmen’ got 26 nominations, which is amazing. Had I not got one, I would’ve been a bit peeved,” he laughs. This is Irons’ fifth career Emmy nomination, this time for HBO’s “Watchmen,” which leads all programs at the Emmys this year with a whopping 26 nominations. Watch our exclusive video interview with Irons above.

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