Better Start Running to Premiere at Newport Beach Film Festival

Jeremy Irons’s film Better Start Running (formerly titled Monumental) will have its world premiere at the Newport Beach Film Festival on 28 April 2018.

The film will screen again on April 30th. The full line up for the festival will be announced Sunday 1st April, when tickets go on sale.

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‘Monumental’ Begins Filming

Monday 26 September 2016 marked the first day of principal photography on Monumental, the new film project for Jeremy Irons.

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Director: Brett Simon

Writers: Annie Burgstede and Chad Faust

Cast: Jeremy Irons, Maria Bello, Jane Seymour, Analeigh Tipton, Edi Gathegi, Alex Sharp and Karan Soni.


Harley (Alex Sharp) and Steph (Analeigh Tipton) accidentally kill their tyrant boss and go on the run.  Overzealous FBI Agent McFadden (Maria Bello) is determined to crush them and wants to teach her rookie partner (Karan Soni) how it’s done.  But while the agents pursue their culprits, our heroes have loftier pursuits.  They kidnap Harley’s Vietnam vet grandfather (Jeremy Irons) to reunite him with the love of his life and pick up a try-hard beatnik hitchhiker (Edi Gathegi) who wants “a real experience with real people”.   And against all common sense, they follow a roadside attractions map with a mysterious history across America’s heartland and take in the sites with the agents getting closer with every state they cross.   While Agent McFadden promises a fatal end to this road trip, this eclectic band of misfits becomes an unlikely family.

Jeremy Irons Set to Star in Action-Comedy ‘Monumental’

Original announcement from May 16, 2015 in  Variety


Updated by Jeremy Irons .net on 22 August 2016

Jeremy Irons will now star alongside Maria Bello, Analeigh Tipton, Karan Soni and Tony-winning actor Alex Sharp in Monumental.

They hope to begin shooting the film in late September 2016 in Kentucky.

Executive producers are Aaron Gilbert, Robert Odgen Barnum, 3 Point Capital, Ksana Golod, James Bryant and George Parra. London Pacific Finance provided development funding.

Director: Brett Simon

Writers: Annie Burgstede and Chad Faust


The hero and his love interest, on the run from police and federal officials due to a BIG misunderstanding as to the injuries incurred by a store manager.  When the couple goes on the run, they rescue the hero’s grandfather (played by Jeremy Irons) from a nursing home, in the hope of re-uniting the bachelor and veteran grandfather with his one true love, who is located across the country.  In route, the hero decides to visit various roadside attractions (hence the title Monumental). Also in route, they adopt a puppy and another wayward soul.  The curmudgeonly grandfather saves the now love-struck couple from the overly-zealous FBI agent and facilitates their escape, but he pays the ultimate, and wanted, price to do so.