Jeremy Irons painted by Karl Dewar

Karl Dewar is an artist currently living and working in Oxford, England.

Here’s what he has to say in the “About Me” section of his website:

“My name is Karl Dewar.

I have been creating my giant bitmaps for well over a decade now and have sold more than 40 paintings to date.

I apply acrylic paint as thickly as possible to create a semi-3D effect.

When viewed from close-up my paintings look quite abstract; yet they become almost photographic when viewed from further away or in soft light – not unlike myself!”

Check out his website Karl Dewar Art

Jeremy Irons as painted by Karl Dewar

Jeremy Irons as painted by Karl Dewar

‘Jeremy Irons’

120cm by 80cm.

High-permanence acrylic on 20mm Medium Density Fibreboard.

SOLD to Jeremy Irons.

Mr. Irons has this picture on display at his Oxfordshire home.