Jeremy spotted dining at Cafe Boulud

Eating New York (2009) April 27, 2009 By: John Curtas

Here’s an excerpt from the Eating Las Vegas Website

Why do we heart NYC so much? Is it the energy we get from walking the streets? The true twenty-four hour nature of the city? Its culture, arts and museums? The throbbing heartbeat of a place pulsating with vitality no other city can touch? Or is it the world city you see on the streets — a cross-cultural stew of sites, sounds and smells that is a constant source of wonderment and allows no room for boredom?

Sure it’s all that, but mainly we love it because the food is so […] good.

… it was but a short stroll across the street to what may be our favorite New York restaurant, Cafe Boulud

…Where we sat so close to Jeremy Irons we wanted to interrupt him a few times as he espoused his opinions on the British v. American education system. He was dining with three silver-haired fat cats and their culture vulture wives; the wives of whom hung on this guy’s every word, whilst their husbands were immersed in talks involving weighty business and financial matters — none of which seemed related to what it takes to get out of the sixth grade.**

Sadly, none of them paid the slightest attention to Chef Gavin Kaysen’s food, which was as picture and pitch perfect as cuisine can be.

Cafe Boulud is just about perfect as well. The size (95 seats — that civilized thing again), understated elegance, knowledgeable staff, and seasonal cuisine make it a spot that feels as comfortable as an old shoe — if that shoe was handmade, custom fit, and as stylish as this guy.

** “There is no money in poetry, but then there is no poetry in money either.” – Robert Graves