Jeremy Irons Criticizes Slovak Police’s Behavior Against Activists

Jeremy Irons Criticizes Slovak Police’s Behavior Against Activists
By Peter Sedik
Epoch Times Staff Jun 22, 2009

TRENCIN, Slovakia—Jeremy Irons criticized action taken by the Slovak police against human rights activists during the visit of General Secretary of the Communist Party Hu on Thursday, June 18.

About one hour before Hu Jintao arrived in Slovakia last Thursday, human rights activists gathered in front of the Presidential Palace to unfold banners and peacefully appeal for freedom in China.

The pro-communists members of the Chinese delegation started to assault the demonstrators while the Slovak police watched passively and refused to intervene. The police even arrested six demonstrators.

It took multiple calls from Slovak citizens before the police would protect the peaceful demonstrators.

The British actor visited the Art Film Fest, one of the most reputable film festivals in Slovakia. He received the Actor’s Mission Award for his accomplishments. On Saturday Trencianske Teplice city fixed a bronze plaque with his name on the Bridge of Fame.

Jeremy Irons also attended the screening of the American documentary “The Power of the Powerless,” which he himself narrated. The film investigates why today many Czechs don’t want their communist past dug up. It has been 20 years since the Velvet Revolution, which led to a peaceful overthrow of the former Czechoslovakia’s communist regime.