Jeremy Irons to Read The Psalms on BBC Radio 4

From the BBC Media Centre

Across the next 12 months the BBC will shine a light on faith, belief and values in modern Britain. On BBC Radio 4 at Easter, Jeremy Irons will read The Psalms.

At a time when society is more diverse, more complex and more divided than ever before, the Year of Beliefs will explore the multiple expressions of faith and belief in Britain, and look at how our ethics and values shape our everyday life and personal choices.

The Year of Beliefs 2019 will bring Religion and Ethics programming to as wide an audience as possible, airing ambitious landmark series with privileged access, powerful documentaries highlighting big moral questions, spiritual journeys of self-discovery and thought-provoking discussions and debates.

Jeremy was spotted outside the BBC studios on Monday 28 January. All photos by Ian Lawrence:

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