Jeremy Irons Caricature By Rick Tulka

Caricature of Jeremy Irons by Rick Tulka and Rick’s story of meeting Jeremy and having him autograph the drawing: SOURCE

“Jeremy Irons was one of my favorite meetings for my Autographs project from the 1980s early 1990s (I did drawings of the famous and searched them out to autograph the original). I love Jeremy’s voice, he could read the phone book and I’d listen! In 1985 he was appearing, on Broadway, in the revival of his Tony Award winning performance in “The Real Thing.” So, I knew where he was. Theaters were an easy place to contact actors. All you had to do was meet the guy at the stage door. They run the place. And that is what I did. I went over to the theater and met the stage door guy, told him about my project and showed him Jeremy’s drawing and the drawings I had already gotten autographed. He told me that it would be no problem and we set up a meeting before the Wednesday matinee the following day. The next day I met the afternoon stage door guy, who knew about my project. I showed him the drawing of Jeremy and the others I did. It was also good to get these people involved too. Luckily, he was watching the soap opera, “All My Children,” on a little black and white TV. That was my soap too and I had recently gotten a drawing autographed by the entire cast of “All My Children,” which he really enjoyed seeing. Jeremy wasn’t there and I waited. As we were discussing the latest escapades of Erica Kane, Jeremy arrived. I introduced myself. I was expected. “Oh yes, do come up,” Jeremy told me. We went up to his dressing room. He remarked, “I like your pictures very much. They make me laugh!” I had left some samples the day before, but not the one of him. He was extremely nice and made me feel relaxed. I was usually exploding on the inside when I met the famous. I tried to act cool and collected. I took out his drawing and he laughed. He made a deal with me. He’d sign the drawing, but he wanted a copy. No problem. I told him I’d be back the next evening. While exiting, in my excitement, I trip over my own feet and fell out of his dressing room. Classy. The next evening I returned with his copy and he exclaimed, “Wonderful! Marvelous!” He happily autographed my drawing. He put the copy on a little shelf. He looked at it again and said, “It still makes me laugh.” I leaned back and looked back and forth between my drawing and my victim, amazed that I was actually doing that, and concluded, “Yes, it does look like you!””



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