Jeremy Irons Attends ICAP Charity Day 2015

Jeremy Irons participated in ICAP Charity Day 2015.  Jeremy raised funds for

From the ICAP Charity Day Facebook Page: Since its creation, ICAP has always given money to charity. In 1993, when the firm had grown to around 100 people in London, it was decided to do something on a larger and more innovative scale; something that would make a significant difference to charities. The idea of ICAP Charity Day was born; a day on which all revenues and commissions are given away to just a few charities, meaning each would receive a large amount of money which would really make a difference to their operations. This gave the firm and its customers a unique way of contributing to society, especially in view of its position in the financial world.  This method of giving is very different from the normal way that companies choose to give to charity by donating money out of their profits. At ICAP, the brokers themselves are giving away their own commissions to charity, as well as the company giving away its revenues.

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