Jeremy Irons Bobsledding in St. Moritz – Photo Gallery

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“Cowboy boots, curious as a child, happy to go 135 km/h…”

[Google Translated from Italian…]

ST.MORITZ – It was an impromptu, no one knew. Not even the staff of the track by Bob in St. Moritz. Sunday afternoon at the counter of the Info-Point’s Olympia Bob Run occurred Jeremy Irons, the English film star who has starred in Hollywood, among others, “Mission,” “Stealing Beauty”, “The Iron Mask” and “Die Hard 2 – Die Hard”. Really hard, in fact, jumped the track at 135 km / h with Bob.

Jeremy is a very approachable person. It is pleasantly entertained with the staff of the runway, pilots, and the people present. A little ‘agitation at the start, but when he returned the truck, along with Bob and bobbisti, was enthusiastic. With his boots Cow Boy, wanted at all costs push the truck from Bob at the start of the track.

He wanted to know all the details that are experienced during a descent. The pilot historian Donald Holstein gave technical and scientific explanations. Jeremy enjoyed himself. The Director of the track Roberto Triulzi (pictured): “An actor, a planetary star, but really genuine.”

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