Jeremy Irons to Open ‘Transformations’ for West Cork Craft and Design Guild

Transformations – opening ceremony with Jeremy Irons on 4th May 2011
Exhibition runs from 4th May – 12th June
National Botanic Gardens Glasnevin

West Cork Craft and Design Guild “Transformations” Exhibition in Dublin and Edinburgh “Year of Craft 2011”

West Cork Craft and Design Guild has organised 2 high profile exhibitions in 2 capital cities for their celebratory “Year of Craft” events. The Guild has been exhibiting in west Cork for 12 years and exhibiting in Dublin will be the first time the Guild has travelled outside of west Cork to exhibit their work.

The title of the show is “Transformations” and focuses on:
• The process – the design, skill and craftsmanship behind the making of individual pieces.
• The Inspiration – i) our raw materials and how we choose them. ii) The West Cork landscape.
Raw materials are the starting point for all craft work, different materials appeal to artists on a visceral level – some even say the raw materials “call out” to them. There are artists who love to work with wool, making felt or spinning and weaving, others love the feel of slippery clay between the fingers, whilst the appeal of working and polishing wood or metal motivates others.
“Our finished work defines who we are as craftsmen and women, but how we choose our materials or they choose us, remains a mystery.”

Members will be doing demonstrations at the weekends and our film “An Inspired Gathering” will be on show in the auditorium.

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