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Click on the links for articles about the conference call phone interviews Jeremy did on Friday 7 January 2011.

All of the articles/interviews are basically the same, though.

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from TV Guide:

Cheers to Jeremy Irons for his sterling guest shot on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

The Oscar-winning British actor brought aching nuance to an uncommonly complicated role: a sex-addiction specialist conflicted over revealing the identity of the pervo perp who assaulted his daughter. Turned out the doctor was a recovering sex addict himself who believed he might’ve raped his girl during an alcoholic blackout when she was 16.

Pretty seedy stuff, but Irons found the humanity in a character he could’ve played as a small-screen variation on his twisted roles in Reversal of Fortune and Dead Ringers. SVU has racked up a string of best guest-actress statuettes in recent years (Ann-Margret, Ellen Burstyn, et. al.), but Irons could become the show’s first male Emmy winner.

TV Tango (@TVTango) tweeted live during the conference call with Jeremy and SVU executive producer Neal Baer. Here are their tweets – from the most recent to the oldest:

Conf. call w/ Jeremy Irons & Neal Baer of LAW & ORDER #SVU is over. Irons guest stars in the episode “Mask” on Wed Jan 12 at 10pm ET on NBC.

Neal Baer, EP of #SVU: “[Irons’ character] demands the large talent that Jeremy has. We specifically wrote the role for his talents.”

Jeremy Irons, guest on #SVU: “SVU is way up there with those I enjoyed. A lovely team of people. A very happy experience.”

Jeremy Irons, guest on #SVU: “I have one [comedy] lurking around that I might make next year. People don’t come to me first for comedy.”

Neal Baer, EP of #SVU: “As I heard from Mariska and Chris, their kids went crazy” over Irons because of his voice for LION KING’s Scar.

Jeremy Irons, guest on #SVU: “I’ve done the odd comedy. Not hugely successful. I was known for comedy on stage [when I was <30].”

Jeremy Irons, guest on #SVU: “I loved the fast pace of shooting. If I don’t have time to finish the crossword in a day, I’m really happy.”

Neal Baer, EP of #SVU: “Chris [Meloni] texted me throughout the shoot ‘I love Jeremy Irons.'” Irons: “We are talking about getting married.”

Neal Baer, EP of #SVU: “[Irons] fits into the show quite well, but he brings to the show this intensity. It’s very alluring to an audience.”

Jeremy Irons, guest on #SVU: “I think I always try 2 put my foot, so to speak, in a place where it’s not expected where I walk in my career”

Jeremy Irons, guest on #SVU: “There is a professionalism [in American TV] that makes some British work seem amateur.”

Jeremy Irons about working on #SVU: “You do feel like you’re entering an area of safety. They honed their craft on all levels.”

Jeremy Irons, guest on #SVU: “I watched them [Christopher Meloni & Mariska Hargitay] in awe as they worked.”

Jeremy Irons, guest on #SVU: “[My character] contains enigmatic qualities. A multi-layered role I can get my teeth into.”

Jeremy Irons, guest on #SVU, on why doing network TV: “Because it fit in timewise. #SVU is so popular amongst a wide variety of my friends.”

On conference call w/ Jeremy Irons & Neal Baer of LAW & ORDER #SVU. Irons guest stars in the episode “Mask” on Wed Jan 12 at 10pm ET on NBC.



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