Jeremy Irons Photographed for 31thirtyone Project

31thirtyone is a charitable photographic project with the aim to take 31 portraits in as many days. this year, all the photographs will take place during august. this will prove to be not only a logistical, but a photographic challenge too.

the resulting photographs will be put together as a physical and online exhibition, running concurrently later in the year. there will be a limited number of prints of each portrait, plus a special one-off signed, mounted & framed copy, which will be put on public auction.

all proceeds from these sales will be donated to this year’s nominated charity – crohns & colitis UK (NACC)

Here’s what photographer Matt Humphrey had to say in his blog about his photo shoot with Jeremy and Sinead:
” full of surprises
August 23, 2010

last week finished on an absolute high, after successfully fitting in 3 sittings on the friday to take my tally to 19. the late addition of jeremy irons was a great surprise, and a fantastic addition to the project. he and sinead cusack were also wonderful hosts when i visited their home in the country and, having made my trip out there, they made sure i returned not only with some great shots but laden with supplies for the journey and a bag full of vegetables! the whole experience was such a pleasure, and one that i feel honoured to have shared with them. ”

Learn more and see the other portraits at

Sinead Cusack was also photographed for the 31thirtyone project:


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