‘The Borgias’ filming at Korda Studios

‘The Borgias’ will be filmed at the Korda Film Studios in Etyek, Hungary – 18 miles west of Budapest.

Korda Studios is happy to welcome the cast and crew of Showtime’s next large-scale new TV mini-series, ‘The Borgias’. The Canadian-Irish-Hungarian co-production will be working at Korda Studios, making use of numerous stages and a large portion of the extensive backlot set. Principal photography will begin in the summer.

Jeremy Irons paused to sign a couple of autographs in Budapest:

Jeremy Irons signs autographs in Budapest, Hungary
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Visit the Korda Studio’s website for more information, including a virtual tour of the studio complex, dressing rooms, hair and make-up rooms, offices, catering, etc.

Here’s a photo of sets being built on the backlot for ‘The Borgias’.

Photo from etyeknet.hu


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