Jeremy Irons at Hart Poetry Event

Hart’s Browning version

JOSEPHINE Hart last night hosted her famous Poetry Hour at the British Library celebrating Robert Browning.

Hart is pictured flanked by Rupert Evans (far left) and Jeremy Irons. Charles Dance read Browning’s poem about Italian artist Andrea Del Sarto.

Afterwards Sir Evelyn de Rothschild was introduced to Dance, and the financier was thrilled to relate how he owned an actual Del Sarto painting. Also present were Simon Gray’s widow Victoria, and Sandra Howard, whose novel A Matter of Loyalty is

coming out in paperback in the New Year. Will Michael take a step back into the shadows now that her writing is so successful? “He’s always said anyway that he’s going to stand down at the next election because he doesn’t believe in bed-blocking,” said Sandra modestly. From Tory leader to house husband.


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