Max Irons stars in Unrequited Love

Max Irons has made a new short film entitled Unrequited Love.

max irons unrequited love

Max Irons in Unrequited Love

A dark, twisted 2min tale on the perils of Unrequited Love as an advert for the environment. When forlorn and desperate Tom feels Jenn, his angel, his love, slipping away, he resorts to writing poetry to win her back. The problem is his poetry is no good and the pastoral environment isn’t inspiring him. With the first stanza an illusive headache and in a frustrated mess of beer cans, cigarette butts and fast food trash, Jenn texts to dump him…Unrequited Love; Tom and Jenn, the environement and us…

In post – production

Written, Directed and Produced by Jade Syed-Bokhari

Co-Producer and DOP Andy Whale

For writer/director Jade Syed-Bokhari of White Fire Films, Unrequited Love was shot at Black Park (near Pinewood Studios) under a beautiful old oak tree with Max Irons (Jeremy Irons son) on what turned out to be a perfect day. Things ran smoothly and the production got everything in the can in under ten hours.