Jeremy Irons narrates The Chronoscope

The Chronoscope is a mocumentary about a beautiful scientist in the 1930s who invents a machine that can see into the past. It was written and directed by Andrew Legge and premiered in Ireland in July 2009.


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The 20 minute short film was screened at The Flat Lake Literary and Arts Festival on 16 August 2009, at Hilton Park, Clones Co. Monaghan, Ireland.

The Chronoscope tells the story of a female inventor who is kidnapped by the Third Reich after she invents a camera with the power to see into the past. The short film was written and directed by Andrew Legge and produced by Fastnet Films. The film was funded under the Wicklow County Council’s Per Cent scheme and is narrated by Jeremy Irons.

The Chronoscope combines archive and shot footage which was manipulated in Post to evoke the style and atmosphere of the era. Post Production took place at Screen Scene where Allen Sillery worked on the pictures in flame “The director wanted the main character to interact with Hitler, DeValera, Einstein & the Queen. Other newsreel footage from Ireland in the 1930’s had to be doctored by compositing artists, banners & signs relevant to our story. Various chromo-key plates were shot with on set vision-mixers to aid registration & mimic our actors movements to that of whomever they were meant to be interacting with.” Colourist Angella McLellen then graded the pictures on the Nucoda and Simon Thornton finished the project in Online.

The Chronsocope
Company: Fastnet Films
Writer/Director: Andrew Legge
Producer: Ben Keenan/ Morgan Bushe
DOP: Eleanor Bowman
Editor: Eoin McGuirk
Additional Photography and Graphics: Andrew Legge
Online Editor: Simon Thornton
Colourist: Angela McLellan
Flame: Allen Sillery/ Gavin Casey
Music: Jurgen Simpson
Post Production Co-ordinator: Sarah Caraher

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