Jeremy Irons speaks to talk show presenter Alena Heribanová

Jeremy Irons was interviewed by Slovak TV presenter Alena Heribanova on her show Guardian Angels.


Jeremy Irons and Alena Heribanova

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Google Translation from the Slovak:

BRATISLAVA – British actor Jeremy Irons (60) accepted an invitation to the session estévečkarskej guardian angel. In it, among other things, talk presenter Heribanová Alene (54) difficult moments of his life. Missed injuries, smash and even mentioned the bitter experience which can not forget this day.

In telling his experience the actor had thoughts stray to ancient times when even he could not speak and the world “vozilom” the pram. “My mother has deposited him in one day for my afternoon sleep. She went into the kitchen. I remained unattended and accidentally I have him unlock the brake. Unfortunately it was in the garden on a slope, and I began to plunge downhill. I remember I was hanging half out and saw mom come up from the kitchen in aprons with a wooden spoon, “he recalls the chilling moments actor.

Mother Barbara fortunately managed to capture a small time Jeremy, but … “I sat back in the bag and turn to him the anger Scotia. So I flew into a large bed of melons. Subsequently somni stroller rolled and I fell, “finished talking to the first holder of the memories of his life, Oscar. In addition, a few bruises and scratches to several months Irons fortunately nothing serious happened.

What else about your life, career and family, told in an open interview with famous Slovak moderator? It is here today to roll in the evening session guardian angel.

[Webmaster’s interpretation of this translation:  It seems that Jeremy was interviewed by famous Slovak TV presenter Alena Heribanova.  In this interview Jeremy told a story of when he was a baby and his mother had put him down for a nap in a pram.  Somehow, the brake unlocked and a young Jeremy, in the pram, rolled down the hill in the garden into a bed of melons, toppling the pram.  Fortunately, his mother rescued him from serious harm, though he did suffer some bruises and scratches.]


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