Max Irons to appear in Wallenstein

Max Irons

Max Irons is to appear as “Count Max” in the play Wallenstein for the Chichester Festival Theatre.



22 May – 13 June 2009 – WORLD PREMIERE
Minerva Theatre

By Friedrich Schiller
Adapted by Mike Poulton
With Iain Glen

Max Irons as  Count Max

Theatre credits include Semi-Monde, Plenty, London Cuckolds, The Revenger’s Tragedy, Twelfth Night, New Girl in Town, Oedipus, The Cherry Orchard and Under the Blue Sky (Guildhall).
Television credits include Every 7 Seconds.
Films include Dorian Gray, Being Julia.
About the play:
Albrecht von Wallenstein, Duke of Friedland, Supreme Commander of the Habsburg armies, champion and saviour of the Holy Roman Empire, stands undefeated in a seemingly endless war of religion. A victim of his own military success, Wallenstein believes he is the only commander who can bring peace to the Empire.
In the field, Wallenstein inspires fanatical loyalty in his troops. At court, politicians, jealous of his victories, howl for his dismissal and plot against his life. Four wintry days of terrible events, conspiracy, divided loyalty and betrayal culminate in one night of violent score settling.
Wallenstein’s struggle is played out on a vast European stage, but the heart of the tragedy is private and domestic: wives, children, lovers and friends must bear the heaviest burden of suffering. Schiller’s skill in balancing the epic with the human make him arguably Europe’s greatest playwright.


Minerva Theatre

Minerva Theatre

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