Jeremy Irons in Pink Panther 2 – SPOILERS!

Jeremy Irons plays Alonso Avellaneda, a wealthy playboy sportsman accused of associating with The Tornado – the thief who has been stealing great national treasures of the world.

Jeremy has about 10 minutes of screen time. He comes into the movie when the “Dream Team” of international detectives go to his mansion in Italy to confront him as to whether he is involved in the robberies, or is perhaps himself The Tornado. Jeremy/Avellaneda appears on the scene on horseback, as the Dream Team enters the gates of his estate. Avellaneda is dressed in a white, button down, Mandarin collar shirt, tight white riding pants and knee high black riding boots. He allows the Dream Team to enter his estate and he answers their questions. All but Clouseau enter the estate. Clouseau stays outdoors to look around. While the Dream Team is interrogating Avellaneda, Japanese technology whiz detective Kenji (Yuki Matsuzaki) checks Avellaneda’s computer to see if he has had any dealings with The Tornado. Kenji reveals the TV monitors to Avellaneda’s security system and we see Clouseau outside climbing walls and on the roof. The Dream Team tries to obscure Avellaneda’s view of the screens, as they continue questioning him.

The Dream Team demands to see Avellaneda’s right shoulder, because it is known that The Tornado has a bullet wound in his right shoulder. Avellaneda takes his shirt off to prove that he is not The Tornado, first by revealing his left shoulder and then his right. Meanwhile, Clouseau, discovering that there are video cameras on the roof, tries to rip out the wires to the video camera which is filming him. In the process, he falls backward and down a chimney. Clouseau crashes through the top two floors of Avellaneda’s mansion, through the fireplaces and lands in the fireplace in the room with Avellaneda and the rest of the Dream Team. Clouseau then, in an attempt to prove Avellaneda is The Tornado, dashes across the room and rips the right side of Avellaneda’s shirt off of his body.

Once they all see that Avellaneda does not have the scar and cannot be The Tornado, the Dream Team of detectives leaves the estate. The real Tornado then comes out from another room and talks to Avellaneda, so the audience learns that Avellaneda is shady and continues to have dealings with The Tornado.

Avellaneda’s next scene is at a restaurant. Clouseau and Ponton (Jean Reno) have a bug planted under Avellaneda’s table at the restaurant. Then, Clouseau’s would-be girlfriend, Nicole (Emily Mortimer), enters the restaurant with Italian Dream Team detective Vicenzo (Andy Garcia). Clouseau is jealous and wants to hear what Nicole and Vicenzo are saying, so he goes into the restaurant to move the bug. Clouseau ends up disguising himself as a performer at the restaurant. In the process of dancing and wreaking havoc in the restaurant, including completely intruding on Avellaneda’s dinner with an attractive female companion, Clouseau gets the bug and moves it.

After the scene at the restaurant, Avellaneda is not in the movie again.

Jeremy wears his own signet ring in the movie and his own eyeglasses. He also wears a gold chain around his neck. His character is dressed to have a look of sleazy sophistication. He has a short beard, as he filmed his part in “Pink Panther 2” in the fall of 2007, right before going to New Mexico to film “Appaloosa”. Jeremy also looks very fit and has a nice suntan.

“Pink Panther 2” lives up to the mediocre reviews it has been getting. It is predictable and has only a few funny moments. The actors with cameo roles do, however, add to the movie quite a lot. Lily Tomlin (as etiquette coach Mrs. Berenger) and John Cleese (as Chief Inspector Dreyfus), as well as Jeremy, are bright spots in an otherwise dull movie.

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