Who Do You Think Your Are? Series 3 on DVD in UK

Who Do You Think You Are?



Celebrity shows are everywhere – but here’s one which is bigger than the sum of its famous stars.

I don’t know why it has taken the BBC so long to get the DVDs out, considering we’ve seen Series 5 on TV already.

What’s great about Who Do You Think You Are? is that the celebrities are picked on the strength of their family stories, not on how famous or popular they are, so you get a great eclectic mix.

Even David Dickinson – usually such an irritant – is watchable as he talks about his adoption and finding his real parents.

You also get stars who are so keen to take part, they put aside their usual reticence about doing publicity. So you get to find out more about usually shy celebs like David Tennant and Robert Lindsay.

It’s also beautifully filmed. Jeremy Irons galloping across fields on his horse near his home in Ireland is stunning (if a little luvvie).

Buy the boxset with series one to three, and you also get a DVD about how to trace your ancestors.