Joan Allen on Impressionism

Here’s an excerpt from an interview with Joan Allen in which she mentions Impressionism and her upcoming co-star Jeremy Irons.

Q. But from one extreme to another, you’re set to go back to the Broadway stage with the play Impressionism...

I am going back to the stage for the first time in ages. It will be 19 years next year.

Q. You’ve already won a rack of theatre awards. Why go back now?

I read a play that I could not say no to. It was as simple as that; I really was not intending to go back to Broadway. Years ago I worked with this wonderful director called Jack O’Brien and he called me out of the blue a couple of months ago saying, ‘Darling, I have this new play. It’s gorgeous. It’s the most beautiful play I’ve read in years. You have to do it with Jeremy Irons and me. You have to!’ He was standing there with the script and I said, ‘A play, Jack? It’s been a long time.’ I wasn’t looking to do one. He told me to read it, which I did, and I was shaking and crying. It is a beautiful play.

Q. In which case why did you take such a long break from the stage?

[…]I read this play, it’s a limited run, it’s Jeremy Irons, it’s a beautiful story. I’m exhilarated by this and feel I can maintain that exhilaration pretty much for four months.