Jeremy attended Hugo Boss party at TIFF


With parties happening all over the city last night, the question was not which one but how to best allocate time. Hugo Boss hosted a low-key but high-style gathering for Appaloosa at its Hazelton Avenue showroom. Not to mix film metaphors but knowing that three musketeers Ed Harris, Viggo Mortensen and Jeremy Irons would be stopping by made this party a must.

In past years, Hugo Boss events would be crammed to the point of being uncomfortable. Not so this year which, according to the brand’s Canadian president Les Minion, was intentional. “We’re trying to downsize,” he said, looking handsome as usual. “Otherwise you lose the intimacy.”

Consequently, the pedigreed and polished actors seemed at ease. Women could not resist having their picture taken with Mr. Mortensen while a lovely chat with Mr. Harris (more on this next time) revealed he took eight years to prepare for Pollock. (Good thing he won the Oscar.)

Leaving the Appaloosa party wasn’t easy. But Holt Renfrew was calling. And I was already fashionably late.