Jeremy Irons narrates The Chronoscope

The Chronoscope is a mocumentary about a beautiful scientist in the 1930s who invents a machine that can see into the past. It was written and directed by Andrew Legge and premiered in Ireland in July 2009.


The Chronoscope – IMDb

The 20 minute short film was screened at The Flat Lake Literary and Arts Festival on 16 August 2009, at Hilton Park, Clones Co. Monaghan, Ireland.

The Chronoscope tells the story of a female inventor who is kidnapped by the Third Reich after she invents a camera with the power to see into the past. The short film was written and directed by Andrew Legge and produced by Fastnet Films. The film was funded under the Wicklow County Council’s Per Cent scheme and is narrated by Jeremy Irons.

The Chronoscope combines archive and shot footage which was manipulated in Post to evoke the style and atmosphere of the era. Post Production took place at Screen Scene where Allen Sillery worked on the pictures in flame “The director wanted the main character to interact with Hitler, DeValera, Einstein & the Queen. Other newsreel footage from Ireland in the 1930’s had to be doctored by compositing artists, banners & signs relevant to our story. Various chromo-key plates were shot with on set vision-mixers to aid registration & mimic our actors movements to that of whomever they were meant to be interacting with.” Colourist Angella McLellen then graded the pictures on the Nucoda and Simon Thornton finished the project in Online.

The Chronsocope
Company: Fastnet Films
Writer/Director: Andrew Legge
Producer: Ben Keenan/ Morgan Bushe
DOP: Eleanor Bowman
Editor: Eoin McGuirk
Additional Photography and Graphics: Andrew Legge
Online Editor: Simon Thornton
Colourist: Angela McLellan
Flame: Allen Sillery/ Gavin Casey
Music: Jurgen Simpson
Post Production Co-ordinator: Sarah Caraher

Jeremy’s WDYTYA? Episode filmed at Tullylish church

Dromore Diocese church to feature in current BBC television series

By Mark McMahon, Banbridge Chronicle
From The Church of Ireland Gazette – 13 October 2006

Jeremy Irons (left) is pictured with the Rev Arthur Young outside All Saints’, Tullylish.

Parishioners at All Saints’ parish church, Tullylish, Diocese of Dromore, will soon make a cameo appearance in Academy Award winner Jeremy Irons’ latest television project. The movie star, whose list of Hollywood films includes The Mission, Kingdom of Heaven and Die Hard with a Vengeance, was recently in Tullylish, Co. Down, to film scenes for the current BBC television series, “Who Do You Think You Are?” The programme follows some well known celebrities as they attempt to trace their family trees and roots.

Jeremy Irons to participate in The Gate Lab Directors’ Symposium

The Gate Lab Directors’ Symposium

The Gate Theatre, in association with Ulster Bank Dublin Theatre Festival, will hold a two-day directors’ Symposium in the Gate Lab, which is part of the theatre’s new wing. This event will allow mid-career directors the valuable opportunity to engage in structured sessions with leading actors, designers, directors, playwrights and producers, which will include Anne Clarke, Ingrid Craigie, Sinead Cusack, Declan Donnellan, Ciaran Hinds, Jeremy Irons, Fiach MacConghail, Patrick Mason, Conor McPherson, Peter O’Brien, David Pugh, Owen Roe, Alan Stanford and Penelope Wilton.
Venue The Gate Theatre Lab
Dates Oct 1 & 2
Times 10am – 5pm
Price €75 (including lunch on both days)
Further information


Watch Georgia O’Keeffe online!

Watch the entire Georgia O’Keeffe movie online now!
Georgia O’Keeffe |

Jeremy helps raise funds for a new cricket pavilion

Former PM backs new pavilion

FORMER prime minister Sir John Major was the guest of honour at a dinner to raise funds for Nettlebed Cricket Club’s new pavilion.

It was held at Manor Farm, Nettlebed, the home of Bessie Kelart, last Friday, when 125 guests enjoyed a champagne reception before sitting down to a three-course meal.

Sir John, who was introduced by local actors Jeremy Irons and Simon Williams, entertained the guests with cricket stories before an auction of 15 lots was held, with Tim Eggar acting as auctioneer.

By the end of the evening a total of £21,000 had been raised towards the £80,000 needed to replace the current pavilion, which was built more than 100 years ago.





Jeremy irons discusses the joys of cricket

Jeremy Irons: “You can’t get closer to the heart of England”
September 25th, 2009 by Edward Craig in England, Miscellaneous


Henry Woolf, Jeremy Irons, Indira Varma and Colin Firth - holding a portrait of Harold Pinter

Oscar-winning actor Jeremy Irons discusses the joys of cricket with Edward Craig

I played cricket when I was at school. I suffered indignity after indignity. I used to sit there on the boundary for hours, trying to make grass burn with a magnifying glass. I would make the sandwiches for tea. That was what I did, more of a helper.

We had a Sunday team. Called the Duckhunters, we organised it at school but played outside of school territory. It meant we could get out to cricket grounds that were next to pubs. A great excuse for drinking and the most fun I’ve had in cricket.

I would fancy being a bowler if I played properly. The strain of standing there as a batsman wondering what was going to come down outweighs any pleasure. The gruelling mind game of bowling appeals to me more. You get a second chance and there’s an element of mind control that a bowler has over a batsmen.

Local, rural cricket shows the unchanging quality of British culture. There is something essentially English and calm, ordered and measured, yet with an element of unknown and excitement about village cricket. You can’t get much closer to the heart of England than sitting on a beautiful summer’s day watching cricket.

I hadn’t followed the Ashes this summer. I was in London when we won one of the Test matches, with a friend in St John’s Wood and she thought the world had exploded at one point. She could hear the roar of the audience with each wicket.

There are a few films about sport. In films you have to focus on characters and people and you have situations in sport which allows you to do that. Film is about what’s going on in people’s heads and hearts rather than a particular game. But if we care about the person who is in the game it can make for a good film.

Harold Pinter was very furious about his cricket. I remember seeing his study full of cricket books. It was a very important part of his life.

The portrait of Harold Pinter (pictured with Jeremy Irons and actors Henry Woolf, Indira Varma and Colin Firth at the Olivier Theatre in London) is being auctioned this Sunday (September 27) at Lord’s with all proceeds going to The Taverners. Bids for the portrait can be made via email:

Alfred Stieglitz

Photos of Alfred Stieglitz – Jeremy was made to look quite a lot like him in the movie Georgia O’Keeffe.

Alfred Stieglitz

Alfred Stieglitz

Alfred Stieglitz - Self Portrait

Alfred Stieglitz - Self Portrait

Georgia O'Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz NY 1944

Georgia O'Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz NY 1944

Alfred Stieglitz and Georgia O'Keeffe at Lake George

Alfred Stieglitz and Georgia O'Keeffe at Lake George

The Stieglitz family home at Lake George

The Stieglitz family home at Lake George

Photo of Georgia O'Keeffe taken by Alfred Stieglitz at Lake George

Photo of Georgia O'Keeffe taken by Alfred Stieglitz at Lake George

Alfred Steiglitz photographed in 1944 by Arnold Newman

Alfred Steiglitz photographed in 1944 by Arnold Newman

Alfred Stieglitz at Lake George

Alfred Stieglitz at Lake George

Jeremy Irons as Alfred Stieglitz

Jeremy Irons as Alfred Stieglitz

Jeremy Irons as Alfred Stieglitz

Jeremy Irons as Alfred Stieglitz

Jeremy Irons as Alfred Stieglitz

Jeremy Irons as Alfred Stieglitz


More Georgia O’Keeffe Videos

from – Deleted scenes and cast interviews:

In these deleted scenes from the Lifetime movie “Georgia O’Keeffe,” Alfred Steiglitz discovers O’Keeffe’s art and is struck by it’s uniqueness. But his interest seems to distract him from his familial duties.

In this deleted scene from “Georgia O’Keeffe,” Georgia walks and talks with the handsome poet, Mr. Toomer, who shows his romantic interest in her.

In this deleted scene from “Georgia O’Keeffe,” Georgia walks and talks with the handsome poet, Mr. Toomer, who shows his romantic interest in her.

Georgia and Mr. Toomer have an intimate moment together, in this deleted scene from “Georgia O’Keeffe”.

Mr Toomer, the poet, comes to Georgia while she paints in the desert, in this deleted scene from “Georgia O’Keeffe.”

More intimate moments are had between Georgia and the handsome poet, Mr. Toomer, in this deleted scene from “Georgia O’Keeffe.”

eremy Irons, who plays Alfred Steiglitz in “Georgia O’Keeffe,” gives his insights on his character and Alfred with Georgia’s complex relationship.

Joan Allen, who stars in the title role of Georgia O’Keeffe, talks about what it was like to portray the remarkable and intriguing artist.

Tyne Daly, who plays Mabel Dodge Stern in “Georgia O’Keeffe,” discusses her colorful character as well as the friendship that forms between Mabel and Georgia. Mabel serves as a support to Georgia in hard times and teaches her skills that help broaden her horizons as an independent woman.

Ed Begley Jr., who plays Alfred Steiglitz’s brother, Lee in the Lifetime movie “Georgia O’Keeffe,” talks about the characters’ relationships.

Joan Allen, Tyne Daly and director Bob Balaban discuss the importance of New Mexico as an influence and inspiration in Georgia O’Keeffe’s life and art.

Watch this announcement for the Georgia O’Keeffe exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City, N.Y., from September 17, 2009- January 17, 2010.


Jeremy Irons attends Whitney Museum opening

Movies, fashion, society and art all came together on Wednesday night at The Whitney Museum on the Upper East Side. The evening celebrated the opening of “Georgia O’Keeffe: Abstraction,” a show that runs through year-end.

Actress Joan Allen portrays O’Keeffe in a Lifetime movie premiering this Saturday that focuses on her rocky relationship with her husband, photographer Alfred Stieglitz.

“Stieglitz was very effusive, very talkative, intellectual, debating and he also liked the ladies besides [O'Keeffe] and that became an issue. So they ran into their snags in their relationship,” says Allen. “His photography influenced her painting a great deal in terms of framing and selection, and so in some ways it was a really wonderful coupling but they were also very, very different people.”

“You think, ‘Why did this pair stay together? What is the attraction?’ There was a big age difference, so that exploration was a very interesting one for me,” says Jeremy Irons, who plays Stieglitz.

Pamela Roland’s designs at Fashion Week were inspired by O’Keeffe.

“So you obviously see the flowers and Georgia is obviously known for flowers and very abstract flowers and the oranges and the bright colors,” says Roland.

Barbara Haskell, the Whitney Museum’s curator, believes O’Keeffe was a very important artist.

“She’s made paintings that for decades have tapped into people’s emotions when the mind stops and you’re completely absorbed in the thing itself, and that kind of universality has endeared her to generations of people,” says Haskell. “From the very beginning of her career she was a star.”

Between O’Keeffe’s paintings in the Whitney and O’Keeffe-inspired dresses on the models, Alfred Stieglitz would have been pretty proud.


Susan Lucci, Jeremy Irons and Joan Allen were among the attendees at the Georgia O’Keeffe: Abstraction exhibition opening at The Whitney Museum of American Art on Wednesday in New York City.

The exhibition includes more than 130 paintings, drawings, watercolors, and sculptures by O’Keeffe as well as selected examples of Alfred Stieglitz’s famous photographic portrait series of O’Keeffe.

Susan Lucci, Jeremy Irons and Joan Allen

Susan Lucci, Jeremy Irons and Joan Allen



Georgia O’Keeffe images and video from Lifetime movie

Deleted Scenes video:

more about "untitled", posted with vodpod

Jeremy Irons – Georgia O’ Keeffe Trailer 3 – Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

Jeremy Irons – Georgia O’Keeffe Trailer 2 – Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

Jeremy Irons – Georgia O’Keeffe Trailer – Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

Joan Allen’s Different Picture of O’Keeffe – from the Associated Press:

Video from with new clips of Georgia O’Keeffe:

more about “Joan Allen interviewed on Good Day LA…“, posted with vodpod

Joan Allen interviewed on Stars Fell On Alabama:

more about “Joan Allen talks about Georgia O’Keef…“, posted with vodpod



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